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For adventurers like us, there's simply nothing better than going out into nature doing what we love. Whether that be in the form of hiking, road trips, camping, rock climbing, surfing, hunting, or anything in between, nothing compares to the thrill and joy of outdoor adventure.  The universe seems to have different plans for us sometimes. Inclement weather, pandemic lockdowns, or off-season months never fail to

With an area of over 1.7 million km², Alaska is the USA’s largest and also most sparsely populated state. With half of the state’s population living in the Anchorage Metropolitan Area, most of the state is federally owned public land which includes millions of acres of national forests, national parks, and wildlife refuges.   Known as “The Last Great Wilderness”, Alaska is most famous for the Iditarod,

Grounding, also known as earthing, refers to the practice of connecting your body to the Earth's natural electric charge by walking barefoot or sitting/lying on the ground. Here are some reasons why grounding via bare feet is important for humans: Reduces inflammation Grounding helps to neutralize the positively charged free radicals in our bodies, which are responsible for inflammation. By connecting to the negatively charged Earth, we

To us adventurers, there's something about being out and about in nature that makes us feel refreshed and enthusiastic about the challenges of life.   But, what could be better than adventuring alone?   Why, taking your dog along with you, of course!   Several studies prove that dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, encourage you to exercise, and improve your life in general. Plus, having your furry companion with you

The United States of America has over 10,000 state parks covering more than 18 million acres across its entire territory. With each park featuring its own blend of terrain, weather, and climate, it's no surprise that they've become so popular with those looking for outdoor adventure, especially hiking.    Take a Hike Through These Awesome State Parks  If you're looking to do some state park hiking yourself, then

I'm certain you've seen those roof top tents on top of SUVs or back of pickup trucks.   Seems like every other Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma or Tundra has one. But they're certainly not limited to Toyota.    There are several quality options out there, and several not so good.    Price varies substantially and if you want something that's going to last let alone take a beating, you're going to pay