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Outdoor Adventure Blog Archives – AdventureHacks

How about a seasoned hiker looking to add another trip to their bucket list?

Or maybe you are somebody in between. Perhaps you spend your weekends exploring the natural wonders of your area and you want to take your outdoor adventures to the next level.

Whatever you consider yourself, our outdoor adventure blog is a great place to find information.

We like to think of Adventure Hacks as a library for everything adventure. We write guides on the best experiences to set your sights on, from the best National Parks and trail towns to underrated spots where you can enjoy nature without the crowds.

Of course, our guides wouldn’t be complete without practical advice on gear, packing, and trip planning. This can be one of the most intimidating things for first-timers, so let us be your full outdoor guides.

Taking care of your gear and your body is essential too. Make sure to read our guide on avoiding blisters, which most new hikers end up having to deal with.

Just like someone from your local outfitter store, we want to be a source for you to turn to for all of your outdoor adventure questions.

We hope that with our advice you will be getting the most out of your hike, bike, or road trip. Read on for one of the best outdoor adventure blogs out there.