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David and Team hiking in North America

I started this website to inspire adventure on the ground, in the water and through the air…And to make a little bit of money while I’m at it via product sales and affiliate commissions. 

I’m David Aston and the founding nomad behind AdventureHacks.David Aston

Just be.

This was my motto for years, but it has evolved into…

Just be Adventurous!

That’s what life is – adventure.

And the biggest thing keeping people from fully living this adventure, is fear.

This may be fear of trying the unknown, or not knowing where to begin.

That’s where AdventureHacks comes in!

From hiking to mountain biking, or surfing to camping, and all the adventures in between, we’ll make your adventure epic, easy to locate and unforgettable!

For many, myself included, adventure begins with hiking. 

Being out on the trail, surrounded by nature is truly special. 

There’s no stress, no conflict, just the moment. 

As hikers, our public lands allow us to reflect, sweat and reconnect with what’s truly important.

The trails provide access to beautiful scenery and a direct connection to earth.

Having a maintained trail helps preserve the landscape while allowing our escape.

But trail maintenance doesn’t just happen, it happens because of people like you.

You can actually join the American Hiking Society, and help protect the places you love.

If you know of a rad trail, campsite or any other adventure, that’s not already featured on the site and that could use some love, please let us know…

That said, we also provide all The Gear You’ll Need for any adventure, hiking or otherwise.

With each purchase, we plant a tree in its native environment – in your name.

Or if you have sweet pics from an adventure we do feature…

Please let us know by Contributing Here!

We’ll give you a shoutout in the post once it goes live.

Don’t be a stranger, this is a community of friendly adventurous people.

Use the comments, contribute reviews and ratings…

And Find Us On Facebook.

Happy adventuring!



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