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22 Must-Have Summer Adventures To Check Off Your Bucket List

Top Summer Adventures

22 Must-Have Summer Adventures To Check Off Your Bucket List

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There’s no getting away from it – everyone dies at some point, with some leaving this earth sooner than others.

The 22 Must-Have Summer Adventures To Check Off Your Bucket Listthing to do is to live your life to the fullest before you die. Don’t spend your whole life worrying about that fateful day when you leave the planet. That is a complete waste of precious time that you should be using to enjoy the life you’ve been given. 

Take risks and seize any opportunity to do something that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Sure, your heart is beating and you’re breathing, but are you really alive?

Don’t let life pass you by without actually living it!

To give an idea of what you might be missing out on, have a look at the following list of memorable adventures.

Add these adventures to your list of things to do before you die; you’ll have no regrets when you’re taking your final trip to the next life. 

1. Work With Elephants At A Sanctuary In Thailand

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand Summer Adventure

Visit the Elephant Nature Park situated an hour away from Chiang Mai city center in Northern Thailand. Meet a bunch of rescued Asian elephants. Some are young, some old, some injured from hauling logs, some abused, some rescued from the circus and some even blind. Not only can you feed these magnificent animals, but you can help bathe them in the river too! 

Learn more about the Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park here.

2. Enjoy A Swim In Jellyfish Lake In Palau

Swim With Jellyfish Summer Adventure

Visit Jellyfish Lake in Palau and enjoy swimming with millions of jellyfish. These particular creatures have stings that are incredibly light. Many visitors, after taking the plunge, declare it to be one of their favorite travel adventures!

Unfortunately jellyfish numbers are dwindling here, and most tours have been suspended.

Discover Palau summer adventures and the stingless jellyfish here.

3. Go Flyboarding In Cancun

Flyboard Mexico Summer Adventure

Flyboarding is one of those great Summer Adventures offered in Cancun, for those who enjoy adrenalin-pumping sports. Your feet are slipped into a pair of boots attached to a board similar to a snow board. Then water is pushed through a tube attached to your feet and a jet-ski and boosts you into the air. Once you get the feel of how to balance on the board, a bird’s eye view of the scene below.

Here are the Top 10 Cancun Flyboarding Tours

4. Go Rappelling Down A Waterfall In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Summer Adventure

After a short drive in a jeep, an hour on horseback, a challenging hike to the King Louis Waterfall, and a brief lesson in rappelling, take part in a rappel down the impressive and stunning 100 foot waterfall. 

Book your Costa Rica Canyoning and Waterfall Tour here.

5. Swim With Whale Sharks In Mexico

Swimming With Whake Sharks Summer Adventure

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. Growing up to 60 feet long, and about ten times longer than the length of a human, with mouths extending around 5 feet. Swim with these gentle giants of the deep in the waters of Cancun, Mexico and it will certainly be one of your best adventures ever! 

You can discover the best places to Swim With Whale Sharks here.

6. Have A Natural Mud Bath In Milky Way, Palau

Natural Mud Bath Summer Adventure

While exploring the more than 300 islets in Palau, have a natural mud bath in the abundance of white limestone. Then rinse off by snorkeling among gigantic clams, colourful fish, spectacular corals and white-tip sharks. This is a great experience for mind, body and soul! 

You can see what other people are seeing about this adventure on TripAdvisor

7. Experience A True African Safari In Tanzania

Tanzania Safari Summer Adventure

Visit Tanzania and go on a true African safari to the amazing Tarangire, Ngorongoro and the famous Serengeti National Parks. See the Big Five and countless other wild animals that call the area home. Surely one of the most memorable adventures to add to your list of things to do before you die. 

These are the Top 10 Tanzania Safaris.

8. Spend Time Swimming With Amazing Sea Turtles In Olowalu

Sea Turle Snorkeling Summer Adventure

Olowalu, situated only five minutes south of Lhaina in West Maui, is the destination ocean-lovers who enjoy snorkeling and kayaking. Sea turtles are sighted regularly in this area, so make a note on your bucket-list, to swim with these wonderful creatures. 

Book your trip to Maui, and swim with the Sea Turtles here.

9. Experience A Japanese Tea Ceremony In Tokyo

Japanese Tea Ceremony Summer Adventure

Take a trip to Tokyo and visit the Happo-en Japanese Garden in Shirokanedai. This garden, with its ancient bonsai, koi pond, and mantle of cherry blossoms, is a superb example of the natural beauty of the area. Apart from taking immense pleasure in this natural beauty, you can also take part in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony; sip Matcha in one of their Muan tea houses. 

Learn all about Happo-en by visiting this website.

10. Travel To Jordan & Walk Along The Siq To Petra

Siq Petra Jordan Summer Adventure

Petra is absolutely awe-inspiring. For centuries, travelers have been entranced with this Nabatean city with its classical architecture and ornate facades. Walking to the end of the Siq, you come to what has been its main entrance for centuries, a dramatic, natural gorge where the most magical of views can be seen, the famous ancient archeological city of Petra.

Discover more about this sacred world heritage site here.

11. Sail Among The Whitsunday Islands In Australia

Sail Whitsunday Islands Summer Adventure

Whitsunday Islands is the place to go if you’ve dreamed of tropical islands surrounded by turquoise seas. Take a sailboat cruise among the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, have a shower in the ocean and sleep on deck or on ivory sand with a backdrop of lush, dense, green foliage. 

This article describes how to pick the best Whitsunday sailing adventure.

12. Visit The Taj Mahal By Moonlight

Taj Mahal Full Moon

Considered to be the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his beloved late wife. Exquisite by day, the Taj Mahal is absolutely breathtaking when viewed by moonlight. You, like most other visitors, will be hushed into silence by the ethereal, melancholy form of the building as it rises from the riverbed shimmering with life. 

The complete list of full-moon tour dates can be found at

13. Take Part In The Wine War In La Rioja, Spain

Wine Festival Summer Adventure

Once a year in La Roja, Spain, the people of a few nearby villages get together to take part in the Wine War (La Batalla del Vino). The sole purpose of this war is to soak as many of the other participants as possible with red wine. Although a frenzied battle, it is all carried out in good humor, with fun being the main aim of the day and there are no winners or losers.

Get all the info you need on this epic battle via 

14. Get Up Close & Personal With Mountain Gorillas In Rwanda

Rwanda Gorillas Experience Summer Adventure

One of the most exciting wildlife experiences Africa has to offer is coming face-to-face with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Although it’s challenging to reach the areas the gorillas call home, your exhaustion will disappear completely when you look into the liquid eyes of these magnificent, bamboo-eating creatures, the gentle giants of Rwanda’s forests. 

Here’s the complete guide to Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari.

15. Explore Mongolia By Bicycle

Bike Mongolia Summer Adventure

Explore Mongolia by cycling into gorgeous, expansive mountain scenery and across wide open steppes. On the road by day, taking in the natural beauty that surrounds you and camping at night under the stars. It’s a great way to spend a summer away from the stresses of big city life. 

Here’s a list of the top Mongolian mountain biking tours.

16. Go On An Expedition In Djibouti

Djibouti Summer Adventure

Djibouti might be a small country in Northern Africa, but it is really big on adventures! You’ll be hard-pressed to find another place that has the variety of activities that you will find here. In Djibouti, you can explore plateaus, volcanoes, salt lakes and limestone chimneys, all of which will leave a huge and memorable imprint on your mind for the rest of your life!

Discover the interesting landscape and history of Djibouti here.

17. Trek Along The Kokoda Trail In Papua New Guinea

Kokoda Trail Summer Adventure

The Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, the site of one of the bloodiest Australian battles in WWII, is now a grueling 96km trek that symbolizes courage, challenge, cooperation and dedication, all of which are required to conquer the trail successfully. 

Find a Kokoda tour operator by visiting the Kokoda Track Authority.

18. Have A Summer Adventure Activity In Iceland

Visit Iceland’s West Fjords and have a first-hand experience of this remote area crammed full of magnificent wildlife, stunning outdoor scenery, adventures and of course, icebergs. The West Fjords are one of the remotest areas of Iceland with endless bays, sheltered fjords and majestic mountains that offer an abundance of adventure activities. 

Check out the official Westfjords Travel Guide

19. Safari Through Kruger National Park & Swaziland

Kruger National Park Safari Summer Adventure

The focus of this particular safari adventure is on stunning scenery and an abundance of wildlife. During this week of traveling through South Africa and Swaziland, you’ll see places like God’s Window, the Blyde River Canyon, the Kruger National Park and many others. Visitors also get the opportunity to enjoy an evening of Zulu culture, see the Big Five and many other indigenous animals in their natural habitat; stunning African views one after the other. 

Learn all about this beautiful national park’s and tours here.

20. Go On A River Expedition In Mozambique

River Rafting Mozambique Summer Adventure

Go on an expedition along the Lugenda River in Mozambique and you will be experiencing one of the wildest and most incredible places in Africa. This adventure involves whitewater rafting and paddling along a remote and beautiful 250km stretch of river surrounded with exotic animals. The majestic mountains that rise from the plains in the distance are what will complete this exhilarating adventure for you. 

Check out this amazing expedition led by Africa Geographic Magazine.

21. Walk With Berber Nomads In Morocco

Berber Nomad Summer Adventure

Join a local family of Berbers in Morocco and experience their annual journey from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. Become part of the family and participate in what they’ve been doing for thousands of years. Help with the daily chores, herd animals, prepare meals and sleep in mobile campsites. 

This is an awesome firsthand account of walking with the Berber’s

22. Cage Dive With Great Whites In South Africa

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks Summer Adventure

Cage diving with sharks in South Africa is a heart-pounding adventure that gives you the opportunity to view and appreciate these magnificent creatures in a whole new light. It’s the perfect experience to get rid of the myth that sharks are big and scary and instead, allow people to see their true beauty and intelligence.

It’s important to decide if caging diving with Great White’s is really for you.

To your epic life, 

-David Aston

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