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22 Unforgettable Spring Adventures To Have Before You Die

Indian Holi Festival

22 Unforgettable Spring Adventures To Have Before You Die

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Spring is a great time to be outdoors and people in most parts of the world take full advantage of this time to explore new things.

There are so many things to do in spring around the world that anyone seeking spring thrills, has a plethora of choices.

I’ve compiled a list of 22 superb spring adventures catering to all different tastes and budgets. 

1. Go Mountain Climbing On Everest

Everest Hike

There are a great many treks planned from the Everest base camp for adventurers at different levels. It’s a great opportunity to explore gorgeous landscapes, breathe in pure air, and experience a unique way of life.

2. Go Ice Climbing In The Rocky Mountains

Ice Climbing Rockie

The Canadian Rockies are still filled with solid ice in spring, making it an ideal place to go ice climbing. Some popular sites are the Weeping Wall, the Ghost River, and the Terminator Wall. The scenery is gorgeous, and the experience can only be described as exhilarating.

3. Attend a Street Music Festival In Belgium

Belgium Music Festival

From spring to late autumn, music festivals are held throughout Belgium. Pick any genre you enjoy and visit this tiny European kingdom for great music, great waffles, and a great experience.

4. Take A Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise

Go the traditional cruise route with a Mediterranean cruise in spring time. Not only is the weather great, you can experience the best of all the places you explore. Relaxing in a rocking boat in the sea is amazing and you get great views of the coastal landscape.

5. Go Scuba Diving Along The Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Dive Barrier Reef

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced scuba diver, the Great Barrier Reef offers locations suitable to experience the world’s largest and most varied coral system. The beauty of the marine life down under has to be seen to be believed.

6. Go For A Bike Tour Around Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Bike Ride

The park’s roads are perfect for cyclists, and is great for a spring adventure when the place is devoid of hordes of tourists. There are 140 miles of roads to explore this huge park, where you can come across different wildlife species. There are places to stay the night, eat, and relax to facilitate your bike tour.

7. Enjoy A Jungle Safari In Tanzania 

Tanzania Jungle Safari

Tanzania boasts of 40 national parks and conservation areas, including Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. You can see herds of wildebeest as well as hippopotamus, waterbuck, elephants, crocodile, sitatunga as well as a large variety of birds.

8. Enjoy A Desert Safari In Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Experience a traditional Bedouin life by camping out in the desert. You can do sports like dune bashing and quad biking or opt for more traditional pastimes like camel riding. Some safaris also offer some cultural insights into Middle Eastern life.

9. Follow the Silk Road

Follow the Silk Road Adventure Tour

The Silk Road follows the ancient trade route from China to the Mediterranean through the Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, and Iran. It’s a great experience and a wonderful spring adventure to follow some of the landmarks still standing on this old trade route.

10. Celebrate Holi In India

Holi India

Holi is a spring festival, celebrated in North India. Colours and water balloons are thrown at each other and passers-by. Many hotels and organisations celebrate the festival in a safe manner.

11. Go Horseback Riding Across The Andes Mountains

Horseback Riding Andes Mountains

Learn about gaucho culture, explore ancient undisturbed forests, and experience fishing in clear blue lakes. When travelling on horse in Patagonia, you can even follow the old smuggler routes, making an exciting journey even more exhilarating.

12. Explore The Amazon Rainforest

Explore Amazon Forest Tour

The world’s longest river runs through the world’s largest forest. Not even experts have explored it fully, but when you explore even a small portion, you can come in contact with a large variety of flora and fauna. 

13. Take A Castle Tour Through Eastern Europe

Bran Castle Europe Castle Tour

Visiting the castles in Eastern Europe is like going back in time to some fairy tale era. You can start from Germany and go further east, visiting castles in Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

14. Visit Russia’s Golden Ring

Golden Ring Russia Tour

The Golden Ring is formed by the ancient towns to the north and east of Moscow. You can experience Russian culture at its finest, beautiful architecture, amazing natural attractions, as well as get to know Russia’s history and local culture.

15. Go For A Walk On The Great Wall

Walk the Great Wall of China

Constructed in the seventh century to keep out invading Mongol forces, the Great Wall of China has remained one of the world’s greatest wonders. The wall is high up on the mountain and covers around 21,000 kms. You have truly experienced China once you have walked this wall, even part of its length!

16. Experience The Northern Lights In Norway

Northern Lights Norway

One of the most enticing sights in this world is the Northern Lights, that could only be seen from a few countries. Take a trip to Norway and experience the aurora borealis in full splendor. The weather is much better at this time of the year too!

17. Go Walking Along The Trail Of Tears In The US

Trail of Tears

Learn more about the conflicted history of the United States by taking a trip along this trail. An official walk is also held in May every year to commemorate the history of the various tribes and there are plenty of cultural tidbits to pick up!

18. Go Spearfishing In Ascension Islands

Spearfish Ascension Islands

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that is now used as a recreational activity. You can net sailfish, marlin, giant yellow tuna, wahoo, and dorado, while enjoying a glimpse of turtles, dolphins, and whale sharks. 

19. Cross The Pilgrimage Trail In Spain

Pilgrimage Trail Spain

Follow the Camino de Santiago across Spain through a network of trails where Catholic saints have been buried. It’s a great way to combine adventure and religion for Catholics, and others can enjoy the biking or trekking through the historical and beautiful landscape.

20. Cycle Along The Keukenhof Route In Netherlands

Tulip Ride Netherlands

The flower route of Holland covers around 38 km, where you can traverse across the Bulb and Dune regions of the country. From end of March to mid-May, the tulip blooms across this region, making it one of the most colourful and loveliest sights on earth.

21. Get Thrilled With Bungee Jumping In New Zealand

New Zealand Bungee Jumping

The Kawarau Bridge is the most famous bungee jumping destination and is considered the home of bungee jumping. The historical suspension bridge towers 43 metres over a spectacular landscape. What’s more, you can even touch the clear blue waters of the Kawarau.

22. Experience The Australian Outback

Outback Adventure

The Australian Outback is the stuff of legends. You can experience the lifestyle and history of one of the oldest tribes on earth and learn more about the Aboriginal culture.

At the same time, you test your wits and strength while experience one of the more wilder regions of the world.

22 Unforgettable Spring AdventuresTo your epic life, 


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