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Top 22 Invigorating Fall Adventures To Experience Before You Die

Northern California Fall Adventure

Top 22 Invigorating Fall Adventures To Experience Before You Die

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When green leaves turn to russet and gold, many of us find ourselves thinking of harvest, carving pumpkins, drinkingTop 22 Invigorating Fall Adventures cold apple cider and cooking baked potatoes in the embers of a bonfire.

In doing so, we’re anticipating the winter yet to come and ensuring we’ll be warm and well-fed through the coldest months of the year. 

However, have you ever thought of taking your preparations for winter a step further and planning a real Fall Adventure? 

22 Fall Adventures To Experience Before Death

We’re all unique and drawn to different things but there are some experiences in this life none of us should miss.

These 22 superb Fall adventures were taken directly from my personal bucket list (yes, I actually have one) I invite you to make your own before , you know….

1. See New England’s Forests

New England Fall Adventure

New England’s deciduous forests are beautiful at any time of year. However, triggered by the colder nights of September and October, they become an unforgettable kaleidoscope of color in the Fall as the leaves stop producing green-colored chlorophyll. The loss of the chlorophyll allows the reds, purples, yellows and oranges of the anthocyanins and carotenoids already present in the leaves to take over the show in flamboyant style. 

It’s spectacular. So quiet out, with crisp, refreshing air. You can hear the leaves falling to the ground as the breeze picks up from the north. Major vibes. 

2. Visit Munich For The Oktoberfest

Munich Oktoberfest Fall Adventure

The southern German city of Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest. As well as beer – and lots of it – visitors can enjoy traditional Bavarian “oompah” music, tasty local food and much merriment. 

3. Witness The Great Migration On The African Plains

Great African Migration Fall Adventure

Early Fall is the time when one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth takes place. In Kenya’s Masai Mara, October is the season of the “short rains” – and this is when vast herds of wildebeest and zebra begin their journey back to fresh pasture. 

4. Marvel At The Northern Lights In Norway

Norway Northern Lights Fall Adventure

Fall in Norway presents one of the best opportunities of seeing the eerie and mesmeric glow of the Northern Lights. Although a sighting can never be guaranteed, heading for the Lofoten Islands in the north of the country should maximise your chances.

5. Stride The Fells In England’s Lake District

England Lake District National Park Fall Adventure

Follow in the footsteps of Wordsworth and take to the fells of the English Lake District. Fall, when the bracken that carpets the hillsides turns amber and bronze, is a lovely time to visit. The weather is still kind – although waterproofs are always advisable – and most of the crowds have gone home. You might even have a good chance of securing a fireside seat in one of the many quaint pubs.

6. Immerse Yourself in Paris, The City Of Love

Paris Fall Adventure

After a hot and subdued summer, Paris comes alive again as September slips into October. As well as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and other famous spots, visitors at this time of year can enjoy the Montemartre wine festival and the Festival d’Automne, a medley of contemporary arts. 

7. Discover “Hygge” In Copenhagen

Hygge Copenhagen Fall Adventure

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is the ideal place to get acquainted with the Scandinavian concept of “Hygge”. It focuses on creating a cosy atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family – and the picturesque Copenhagen, with its charming port, welcoming bars and famous Tivoli gardens is just the place to find your own “Hygge”.

8. Sky Dive In Scenic Slovenia

Slovenia Skydiving Fall Adventure

Picture-perfect Lake Bled, in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, is a wonderfully unspoilt spot in which to jump out of a plane. And the Fall, when the landscape is as orange as Slovenia’s most famous wine, is a particularly spectacular time in which to do so. 

9. Have Fun At The New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival

New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Fall Adventure

New Hampshire’s Pumpkin Festival is deservedly famous. With more than 30,000 lit jack o’lanterns, it also has a pumpkin-themed craft and food fair. There are even road races to help visitors work off any extra calories.

10. Dance At The Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball

Salem Witches Ball Fall Adventure

Salem, a town made famous by its witches’ trials, now dedicates the whole of October to Halloween. The highlight is the Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball, when costumed revellers dance the night away while bonfires burn on the surrounding hilltops.

11. Go To India For The Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Festival Fall Adventure

The end of October marks the beginning of the Pushkar Camel Fair in India’s Rajasthan. Eight days of camel racing, camel beauty contests and camel trading are as enjoyable to the many visitors who converge on this little desert town as they are to the locals.

12. Come To Quebec For Floating Colours In The Sky

Quebec Hot Air Balloon Festival Fall Adventure

Colours of a different kind come to Quebec at the start of each September. The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival sees the skies above the Outaouais region fill with hundreds of hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes. In La Baie Park there’s plenty of entertainment down on the ground too, with music, fairground rides and a Strongman competition.

13. Watch A Buffalo Round-Up In South Dakota

Buffalo Round Up Fall Adventure

At the end of every September, park rangers, cowboys and cowgirls round up a herd of 1,300 buffalo in Custer State Park. It’s quite the spectacle and costs only the usual park entry fees.

14. Participate In Pirates Week On Grand Cayman

Pirate Week Fall Adventure

November sees a ten day celebration of the culture of the Cayman Islands. As the name suggests, many of the events are pirate-themed but there’s also a steel drum marching band, float parade and a variety of local heritage days.

15. Travel To Scotland To See Rutting Red Stags

Red Stag Rut Scotland Fall Adventure

Each Fall, Scottish glens echo to the sound of rutting red stags, preparing for the breeding season. The Isle of Harris offers one of the best chances to witness the combat at close hand, under the expert guidance of local rangers.

16. Gaze At Japan’s Koyo

Koyo Japan Fall Adventure

In Japan, the koyo, or autumn leaves, are to Fall as cherry blossom is to spring. The leaves of maple and gingko trees turn scarlet and yellow, drawing huge numbers of visitors to the most famous beauty spots. Daisetsuzan National Park, in Hokkaido, is one of the very best places to see the spectacle.

17. Pick Olives In Greece

Olive Picking Greece Fall Adventure

Fall is when Greece’s olive groves are ready for harvesting. With temperatures remaining balmy and tavernas still open, picking your own olives is a lovely and unusual way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

18. Celebrate The Day Of The Dead In Mexico

Day of the Dead Fall Adventure

This famous Mexican holiday, held at the end of October, has ancient roots and is held in remembrance of family and friends who have passed on to the next life. Celebrated across the country, this carnival-like festival is anything but mournful.

19. Kayak In Naple’s Italy

Naples Italy Kayaking Fall Adventure

Explore Procida Island where you can head to Capri. From there, they have beautiful open water kayaking, caves, and a great view of the Faraglioni di Capri, a famous rock formation in the area. I thoroughly enjoyed my time kayaking and would love to do it more along the rest of the stunning Italian coastline.

20. Eat In Abergavenny

Welsh Food Festival Fall Adventure

The attractive Welsh town of Abergavenny is known for hosting the “Cannes of Food Festivals”. Each Fall, almost 200 local and international food producers pack the place, offering cookery masterclasses, tastings and, of course, plenty of opportunities to buy.

21. Lose Yourself In A World Record Corn Maze 

Cool Patch Corn Maze California Fall Adventure

Plenty of farms and attractions offer corn mazes. Varying in difficulty, they are a fun way for people of all ages to spend a crisp Fall afternoon.

But the Cool Patch Corn Maze in Dixon, Ca is an annual maze whose intricate design and exceptional difficulty draws a crowd from all over. 

Oh, and it also happens to be the World Record holder for largest corn maze.

22. Get On Your Bike In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bike Ride Fall Adventure

Fall’s cooler temperatures make it a great time of year for a cycling trip. South-west Wisconsin’s Elroy-Sparta “Rail to Trail” is rightly popular. Its 32.5 miles pass through prairies, wetlands and farmland but it is the three old, and now unused, railway tunnels that are the highlight.

There you have it, fall is one of my favorite times of the year and these adventures were taken directly from my personal bucket list.

If dig this list or have your own Fall Adventure bucket list, tell us all about it in the comments below!

To an epic life, 

-David Aston

I'm David Aston, Founding Nomad of AdventureHacks, Inc. My mission is to inspire adventure on the ground, in the water and through the air. If I also happen to inspire you to purchase gear, my team and I plant a tree in its native environment for every order.

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