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Devil’s Gulch Trail – Marin County

Devils Gulch Trail

Devil’s Gulch Trail – Marin County

Devil’s Gulch Trail

Location: Lagunitas, Ca
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking trails, dog friendly, nice all year round.
Parking: Available parking spaces for about 15 cars. No parking fee necessary but with there is an entrance should you decided to park inside the park.

Getting to the trail is an exit (from US 101) in San Anselmo/Sir Francis Drake and going west at Sir Francis Drake around 15 miles to Samuel P. Taylor State Park. Keep an eye out for the Devil’s Gulch Horse Camp sign which marks the entrance.

The trail begins on the right side of the road so make sure to stay on the road. At around 0.2 miles, you’ll be entering grassland and grassy slopes at the 0.5 mile mark. Many consider the real Devil’s Gulch Trail to start after you’ve gone by the area with toilets and picnic benches.

Once you’ve reached around 1.7 miles, you’ll see a gate that indicates the edfe of the state park land. You’ll then be crossing a meadow until it goes back to the woods and into an open flat area. You then just have to retrace your steps back to your car.

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