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10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Park City Utah

park city utah mountain biking with a bit of snow on the ground

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Park City Utah

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Park City, Utah is known among the mountain biking community as one of the premier mountain biking destinations in the United States. 

Park City is the only IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Gold-Level Ride Center in North America.

At present, Park City currently has over 450 miles of Gold Level trails. Not to mention, a plethora of bars and restaurants plus world-class accommodations; no wonder it’s on most avid mountain biker’s bucket list. 

Amazing Mountain Bike Trails in Park City Utah 

If you’re looking to experience some of Park City’s finest MTB trails yourself then this article is for you.

Here we’ve listed our top picks for the 10 best mountain biking trails in Park City. We’ve also included some useful information and what you can expect from each trail.

1. Flying Dog: Fun and Flowy 

flying dog mountain bike trail utah


If you’re looking for a fun, flowing trail with the occasional technical section peppered in, you’ll love the Flying Dog Trail. 

Flying dog is an 8 mile intermediate trail. This out-and-back singletrack trail has an elevation of +380/333 ft. As mentioned, this trail features some mellow climbs, fun descents, and some technical switchbacks. 

This trail is also part of a larger trail system that you can continue if you’re itching for more.

Fun fact:

Tracing this trail through GPS creates an outline resembling a jumping dog with its ears being blown by the wind – hence the name.

2. The Holy Roller: Easy Twists and Turns 

The Holy Roller Mountain Bike Trail Utah


If you’re an inexperienced rider looking to gain some endurance before taking on more monumental trails then this trail is for you.

The Holy Roller trail is located in Deer Valley Resort. This quick and easy trail consists of 3 miles of downhill-only singletrack.

You start at the top of Bald Mountain, with an elevation of about 1300 feet, and make your way down through some easy twists and turns until you get to Silver Lake Village.

The trail runs across the entire mountainside above Park City giving you some nice views while you descend.

3. Mid Mountain Trail: Amazing Intermediate Trail

Mid Mountain Mountain Bike Trail Utah


If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an epic ride for your skill level, this trail is perfect.

Mid Mountain trail is a lengthy 18.5 mile singletrack trail with an elevation of +683/774 ft. 

You’ll start this trail in the heart of Park City, climb the Spiro Trail, dip your tires into the Powerline Trail, then make your way down to the Canyons Resort.

You then make your way through the Farm trail and the Olympic trail until you loop back to the main trailhead. 

It’s a great way to spend a day. 


4. Jenni’s Trail: Buttery Smooth Singletrack 

Jenni's Trail Park City Utah


Jenni’s trail is a fun 5 mile singletrack trail suitable for intermediate riders.

Jenni’s is the easiest way to climb up to other PCMR trails like the Mid Mountain trail. The climb itself is gradual and rather fun.

The trail is mostly bright, and sunny, and leads you across ski slopes, tightly packed trees, and eventually back down to Park City for drinks after.

Jenni’s buttery smooth singletrack gives you all the fun with no nasty surprises attached. 


5. Tidal Wave: Large Berms, Medium Tabletops 

Tidal Wave Mountain Bike Trail Park City Utah 

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for a challenge or an experienced rider looking for a trail with berms and tabletops, you should definitely try this trail.

Tidal Wave is 3 mile of one-way singletrack. 

Built by Gravity Logic, this gravity flow trail features large bermed corners and medium-sized tabletops.

The trail also features a wooden bridge near the middle that comes with a lip on the end to keep you riding continuously down the trail.

Prepare for some serious speed and let your bike carry you down. 


6. Wasatch Crest Trail: One of the Best 

Wasatch Crest Trail Utah


The Wasatch Crest Trail is known to be one of, if not, the best singletrack trails in the entire state, which would also make it one of the best in the country.

This intermediate-level trail is 5 miles long with an elevation of +388/94 ft.

This trail gets its renowned title because it combines an excellent crest trail with spectacular views, and plentiful variation – making the trail range from disarmingly easy to super gnarly.

Prepare for some solid climbs, incredible scenery, enough variety to keep you on your toes, and some awesome downhills.


7. Spiro Trail: Entertaining Either Way 

Sprior Mountain Bike Trail Park City Utah


Spiro is an intermediate one-way singletrack trail.

It’s one of the lengthier individually named trails stretching 6.6 miles with an elevation of +1466 ft. 

While this trail is typically used as a downhill, you still find the occasional riders climbing it the other way. This trail starts in town and finishes up at Thames Canyon. 

When riding this trail, expect a lot of fun features, some switchbacks, and a washboard-like ride for the last couple of miles.

Also, watch out for hikers climbing up the trail and not paying attention.


8. Lost Prospector: Short but Awesome 

Lost Prospector Loop Park City Utah


The Lost Prospector trail is perfect if you’re looking for a shorter ride with some awesome views.

This singletrack trail is just 5 miles long with an elevation of +556/595 ft. It’s rated for intermediate riders and is one-half of the Gambel Oaks trail system.

The trail itself is loamy in some parts and rocky in others.

Expect to find some great climbs, mellow downhills, and amazing views.

You can ride this Lost Prospector as an out-and-back trail or as a loop returning via the Rail Trail. 


9. Mill D to Desolation Lake: Grueling Climb + Rewarding Downhill 

Mill D to Desolation Lake Mountain Bike / Hiking Trail


If you’re an advanced rider looking to challenge both your cardio and your skills, then this trail is for you.

Mill D to Desolation Lake is a difficult 7.5 mile out-and-back singletrack trail. 

To ride this trail, you’ll have to do a  steep, grueling climb up to Desolation Lake.

Prepare to test your climbing and cardio with this one.

Uphill riders have the right of way but should still be wary of downhill riders descending at high speeds.

Once at Desolation Lake, feel free to take a breather and maybe ride a lap around the lake before heading back down. The way back is going to be where the fun begins and will be worth all the effort you sacrificed.

You’ll be speeding down the trail, especially if you’ve got the skills to hop all the roots and rocks.


10. Park City IMBA Epic: Epic Ride, Epic Views  

Park City IMBA Epic Mountain Bike Trail


The last entry is a tough one but if you’re looking for a truly epic ride, look no further than Park City IMBA Epic.

This trail is a difficult singletrack loop trail that takes you into the mountains above Park City, through the tops then back down to Canyons Village.

This epic trail is 26 miles long with an elevation of +1,221/1 ft. and is a ride you do more for the challenge rather than the fun.

The uphill ride will be long and challenging but not too tough.

Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views from the crest and a well deserves ice cold beer (or water if that’s not your thing) and delicious pizza back in town after. 



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