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Peña Adobe Loop, Solano County

Peña Adobe Loop, Solano County

Peña Adobe Loop

Location: Solano County, Ca
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Bird watching, wildflowers & wildlife, dog friendly, lake, bike trails.

Settled along Peña Adobe Road off Interstate 80 is Peña Adobe Park. The 470 acre historical park features the oldest structure ever built in Solano County, the Peña Adobe Home, ancestral home of the Peña family and California historical landmark #534. Apart from the structure, the Peña Adobe Park offers a multi-purpose field, a horseshoe pit, as well as a number of trails perfect for the hiking/biking enthusiast.

The park offers interesting finds: a small pond, a disc golf course, a dog park, as well as the Lagoon Valley Lake perfect for fishing and non-motorized boating. The Peña Adobe Loop ranges from gradual to steep, so expect a little adventure from the trail.

Despite the adventure, a redwood tree grove near the Butcher Road entrance is always at the ready for tired hikers and bikers. It is also perfect for picnics.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Hike In ComfortMen’s Ultra-Thin Hiking Pants

The Peña Adobe Park is a 470 acre historical park and is often visited by tourists all over. With so many people at the park, why not hike with style? Moreover, the Peña Adobe Loop ranges from gradual to steep, it may be a bit challenging but generally tolerable.

These Ultra-Thin Hiking Pants for Men are perfect for the hike!

2) Protect Yourself From The Sun

Although there is a redwood tree near the Butcher Road entrance, but there is not much shade uphill. Thus, it is best to protect yourself from the sun by putting on sunscreen or wearing a hat.

3) Explore Peña Adobe

Apart from the trail, you can also explore Peña Adobe Park. Peña Adobe Park is also home to the Peña Adobe Home, a tourist attraction and is dubbed as California historical landmark #534. Apart from the ancestral home, a multi-purpose field and horseshoe pit is also available around the area.

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