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Spooner Summit Hike In Cabins

Spooner Summit Hike In Cabins

Spooner Summit Hike

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nv
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, lake access, mountain biking, hike-in cabins, camping spots, bird watching.

A recreational oasis, the Spooner Backcountry is surrounded by aspens and 12,000 acres of dense forest, not to mention a lake and a park featuring 50 miles of hiking area. The park is not only limited to hiking, but welcomes equestrians and mountain biking.

Among the popular trail includes Marlette, Red House, and Tahoe Rim Trails. The Spooner Backcountry provides hikers interesting trails, primitive roads, as well as camping options. Wildcat Cabins are available for avid campers in the area.

From Marlette Lake via the North Canyon Road is a 5 mile trail and is considered the most popular backcountry trail. Access is from Spooner Lake bordered by an even 2 mile trail. The Tahoe Meadows leads to Spooner Summit wherein Marlette Peak is found. Marlette Peak serves as an excellent area for campfires and picnics.

Top 3 Spooner Summit Adventure Hacks

1) Spooner Summit is a Good Place For FishingAnti Bug Fishing Hat

The area surrounding the trail provides a good avenue for fishing. Spooner Backcountry is a recreational oasis surrounded by aspens and a lake. Aside from that, the area is surrounded by a dense forest, a park, and miles of hiking area.

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2) Spooner Summit Is A Perfect Place For Camping

The area has backcountry cabins as well as scenic spots such as Sand Harbor and Cave Rock. There is so much to discover in around Spooner Lake, this also includes interesting activities such as equestrian and mountain biking. Bike rental is also available.

3) Be Ready To Document The Views

The 2.1 mile loop gives you access to Aspen trees and panoramic views of the lake and mountains. The Sand Harbor and Cave Rock are also picture-perfect spots.

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