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Aliso Creek Trail, Orange County

Aliso Creek Trail, Orange County

Aliso Creek Trail

Location: Orange County, CA
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking trails, horseback riding, bike friendly, wildlife observation, dog permitted

A well maintained bikeway and recreational trail extending from the foothills of Orange County to the boundary of Laguna Beach, the Aliso Creek Regional Trail is a 15-mile continuous asphalt bikeway/hiking trail for avid bikers/hikers.

The trail passes through Mission Viejo from South Laguna to Rancho Santa Margarita passing through parks on Orange County, with an abundance of rest areas and kiosks providing information regarding the area’s rich history. The trail starts with a gradual uphill – which may be used as a fun downhill ride on the way back. On the other hand, kindly note that some part of the trail maybe sandy for about one fourth of a mile after Laguna Hills Drive.

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