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Alton Ave to Orange Street Bike Trail, Orange County

Alton Ave to Orange Street Bike Trail, Orange County

Alton Ave to Orange Street Bike Trail

Location: Orange County, CA
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Mountain biking, road biking, inline skating, hiking, wheelchair accessible

If you’re looking for a nice and smooth bike ride then the Alton Ave to Orange Street Bike Trail is a pretty good start. It is a common route for the daily commute of local residents and students but also good if you want to check this off your Orange County bike trails list. While it’s primarily a bike trail, it can also give you a nice walking route.

If you are coming off the Interstate 405 in Santa Ana, go through the S. Bristol Street exit. Then head north for about 1.1 miles on S. Bristol Street to Alton Avenue. While parking is limited on this trail, you will be able to find street parking at S. Orange Ave and S. Susan street endpoints.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Keep a flashlight handy

Whenever you go biking it always helps to have a flashlight in store especially if you plan on riding on the bike trail at night.

You’ll need something small but powerful like this high power mini LED keychain flashlight.

2) Use a comfortable backpack

Whether you plan on going biking or walking and have some essentials to bring, having a comfortable backpack will make all the difference.

3) Continue your adventure and connect to the Pacific Electric Bike Trail

If you want to keep riding you can cross E. Adams Street to start the Pacific Electric Bike Trail.

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