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Annadel State Park (Big Loop) – Santa Rosa

Annadel State Park (Big Loop) – Santa Rosa

Annadel State Park

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Location: Annadale State Park. Santa Rosa, CA
Miles: 16 miles
Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult
Duration: 3 hours Ride Time (about 26 miles covered)
Users: Hikers, and mountain bikes permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Annadel Park offers a great variety of flowers from early Spring until early Summer, especially on a hike around Lake Ilsanjo. The best months to see the park’s wildflowers are April and May, but there are some plants in bloom as early as January and as late as September. Lake Ilsanjo offer s excellent black bass and blue gill fishing. Prepare for gnarly climbs, exciting downhills and intoxicating views.

How can you not love Annadel?

There’s amazing access to hiking and mountain biking right in our backyard!  We go here 3-10  times per month depending on the season.

Hikes can be short and sweet or epic and grueling.  Mountain biking here is challenging due to some of the uphills, but absolutely exhilarating coming back down.  You’ve got your pick of single tracks or fire trails, somewhat easy or super technical.  The climbs can be brutal, but going downhill is so, so worth it!

Hikers: Bring a map, plenty of water, snacks, and a headlamp in case you get stuck out here in the dark.  Been there, done that!

Mountain bikers: Bring extra tubes for your tires!  Bring your Camelbak and have fun.

You would never think that it’s as large as it is.  Lots of fun trails, easy or hard.  Also I always feel like I’m the only one here because it’s so large you don’t always run into people.

I’m not too stoked on the ‘no dogs’ in state parks business, but  I bring them anyway…haven’t been caught or harassed yet.  Just make sure you clean up their poop, and check for ticks when you get home…oh and if you see other people on the trail make sure you put them back on their leash, sometimes the joggers get a little butt hurt and will give you a hard time.  We usually just apologize and keep walking.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Stay Hydrated

Bring your hydration packs! When going for a hike or even biking, make sure you have enough water to keep yourself hydrated. It gets hot in the summer and there is no water available anywhere.

2) Pack some snacks

You never know how some hikes would last even if there was a time designated for it. If you’re the kind of hiker that takes time to appreciate your surroundings and would stop just to take everything in, then you should bring something to keep you from getting hungry!

3) Go in Spring!

Springtime is ideal when going to Annadel because there are creek crossings and everything is green and lush. The smell of mother nature and clean air is distinct at this time of the year.

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