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Bear Valley Trail To Arch Rock Hike

Bear Valley Trail To Arch Rock Hike

Bear Valley Trail To Arch Rock Hike

ArchRock Point Reyes

This beautiful shot was snapped by Varun VR

Location: Point Reyes, CA

Miles: 8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 3 hours

Users: Hikers, mountain bikes, fisherman, and birdwatchers permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Aerial views of the Pacific Ocean, caves, bird watching (swallows, falcons, eagles, vultures), forests, waterfall, wildflowers and plenty of wildlife.

Bear Valley Trail To Arch Rock Hike

Trail: This is a large, mostly dirt trail that is mostly shaded with a thick green canopy and runs along a creek nearly the entire hike. There’s not much elevation gain as it’s a mostly flat and smooth trail.

The high point of the trip is hiking out to the coast and having lunch on Arch Rock – a cliff overlooking the ocean. It does get windy on the cliff. I’ve noticed over the past 10 years that the trail going down the beach has eroded and isn’t as secure these days.

If you decide to head down, once at the bottom you’ll cross a creek that goes out to the ocean and do a little rock climbing (the average person with no climbing experience can do it) to get to the sand. 

You’ll see the arch through the clip that goes into the ocean. Heads, during high tide the waves can crash through the arch in the rock so don’t get swept away. This is a very peaceful and beautiful place. Going down to the beach adds to the hike and everyone I know that has experienced Arch Rock is in love with it.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Go Camping!

Bring an ultralight tent to set up camp. It’s always handy to bring things that are not heavy!

2) Pack a Power Bank

If you decide to go camping, make sure you bring a power bank to charge your gadgets. It’s always safe to keep your phone on while camping in case of emergencies. Better have a water proof solar-powered power bank so you can charge it even without electricity!

3) Bring Water and Snacks

Make sure to have water and snacks ready when you take this trail. You can enjoy the ocean view while munching on some snacks you’ve prepared for yourself!

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  • I really enjoyed this area

  • Kristin

    See a lot of people hiking with overnight gear. Is there a hike-in campground out here?

  • Scott Collins

    Bear Valley is unbelievably gorgeous. Hundred of miles of hiking trails lead from the parking lot.

  • Nichole

    Even at nearly 8 miles, it’s still a great beginner hike

  • This site is super clean! Love the posts.

    Is there a curfew for this trail?

  • Eldon

    This was the first trail I hiked at night under a full moon. Magical!

    PS, it was back before the arch fell.

  • Took my 5 year old on this trail for his first hike… HE LOVED IT!

    He was so excited to see the deer, creeks, large trees and then the beach at the end totally blew his mind.

    Thank you so much the suggestions!

  • This hike is friendly for all ages and skill levels.

    I’m 62 years old, and make it (with a couple of breaks) no problem.

    It’s about 8 miles out and back, but has solid footing, and gradual terrain throughout.

    The air, views and beach are all spectacular. Highly recommend this for the entire family.

  • My fav!

  • I about cried when Arch Rock collapsed. Still a gorgeous hike and truly special area of California. Even without the arch.

  • Arch Rock fell! Still a great area to hike with several gorgeous trails! The Bear Valley trail is probably the easiest in the park.

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