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10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Crested Butte Colorado

Mountain Biker Climbing A Hill On A Singletrack Near Crested Butte Colorado

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Crested Butte Colorado

Crested Butte is a town located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The town is renowned for the numerous trails crisscrossing the slope of its mountain resort. 


Sitting at an elevation of about 8,800 feet, Crested Butte, or CB to many, is understandably a major draw for mountain bikers of all levels. 

Shredding in Crested Butte, Colorado

The thing is that with over 700 miles of singletrack, choosing just a handful of trails to ride can be a difficult task. Below you’ll find our attempt at doing just that along with information on the trail and what you can expect before you start shredding.


1. Doctor Park: Exciting Downhill 

Doctor Park (aka Doc’s Park) is located in the Gunnison Spur of the Colorado Trail. This advanced singletrack loop trail is 23 miles long with an elevation of about +1,027/1 ft. 


If you’re looking for an exhilarating downhill experience, then this trail is for you. You can ride this trail as a full loop or take the shuttle if riding 8 miles up to the top. 


Doctor Park’s top section starts steep and rocky then takes you through a pristine alpine forest then through a steep and rocky side slope with fun switchbacks. This trail’s 5 miles of fast and flowy downhill is absolutely sweet but do watch out for fallen trees blocking the trail. 


2. Lupine Trail: Easy and Short 

The Lupine Trail is relatively new, the trailhead of which is found in Saddle Ridge Subdivision. This easy-intermediate, out-and-back, singletrack trail is 2-miles long with an elevation of +48/203 ft.


This trail is almost exactly 2-miles long, 4 miles if you ride it out-and-back. If you want to squeeze as much riding time on this trail, you can always loop it from town.


The Lupine Trail gives you a bit of everything from swoopy descents, twists and turns through the aspens, well-cut singletrack, and some bermed turns. Try to get as much excitement as you can from the upper sections, though, as the end section is just a boring gravel road with 3 cattle gates that you have to open AND close.


3. Trail 401: The Best 

Trail 401 is located near Schofield Pass Road in Crested Butte, Colorado. This intermediate-level singletrack loops for a total of 14 miles with an elevation of +816/753 ft.


Hailed to be the best trail in Colorado, Trail 401 starts by climbing 4.5 miles towards Schofield Pass and into the start of Trail 401’s singletrack. There you’ll find exquisite views, where you can see the Maroon Bells to the east. From there you can start the narrow singletrack downhill through fields of beautiful wildflowers, groves of aspen, and two steady climbs before ultimately getting back to your car. 


4. Lower Loop: Easy Trails, Beautiful Views

If you’re looking for a more beginner-friendly trail, then the Lower Loop Trail is for you. This 10-mile long trail network consists of mostly singletrack with an elevation of +189/267 ft.


The Lower Loop offers some of the easiest singletracks and most beautiful views you can find in Crested Butte. The trail leads through a valley surrounded by scenic peaks and picturesque views of the pristine Slate River. 


While classified as beginner-level, the trail does have a small climb or two coupled with some descents and some technical sections here and there. Prepare yourself for a fast flowy rollercoaster of a ride at 9,000 feet.


5. Evolution Bike Park: Lots of Options 

If you’re looking for a trail to test your skills on the bike, then Evolution Bike Park is for you. This singletrack trail network is 25 miles long at an elevation of +368/365 ft with an expert difficulty rating. 


The park provides 25 miles of downhill and cross-country trails, a dual slalom course, a skills zone, plus loads of other man-made obstacles. The 6 downhill-dedicated trails are tailored to suit beginners to expert-level riders. One notable trail in the park is Psycho Rocks, the gnarliest trail of them all (more on this later).


6. Dyke: Great Singletrack in West CB 

Dyke is a great singletrack trail located west of Crested Butte. This 15-mile loop has an elevation of +949/928 ft and is generally suited for advanced riders.


Riding this trail as a loop gives you about 9 miles of road and 6 miles of singletrack. You’ll start near the treeline and then go through about 1 mile of conifer forest before finishing the rest of the trail in an ancient aspen forest. 


You’ll find twists and turns through forests and meadows for the first few miles. Watch out for some of the stream crossings, though, as the steep banks will require you to walk.


7. Teocalli Ridge: Mountain Biking + Spectacular Views 

If you’re looking to do some mountain biking AND enjoy some picturesque views, then Teocalli Ridge is the trail for you. This advanced-level singletrack loop is 11 miles long with an elevation of +1,708/1 ft. 


The loop consists of a heart-pumping double track ascent to the top coupled with a steep (sometimes sketchy) descent down the ridge and back to square one. 


The starting climb up the West Brush Creek Valley provides some stunning views plus the beautiful wildflowers as you reach the top. There’s a creek you need to cross, but, you can use the log bridge if you want to keep your feet dry. 


8. Snodgrass: Short and Sweet 

If you’re looking for a less-technical, more fun-oriented trail, then Snodgrass is for you. Snodgrass is an out-and-back singletrack trail that stretches about 3 miles long. This trail is great if you’re a beginner-level mountain biker moving up to intermediate level. 


Snodgrass is short, sweet, and super twists. Prepare to ride among, between, and through the trees. There are also a couple of short and steep hills, but you should find yourself zooming through them as the dirt is rather tacky. 


9. Strand Hill: Lots of Climbs and Incredible Views 

Strand Hill is the perfect trail to get incredible views – if you don’t mind lots of climbing. This 7-mile singletrack loop trail has an elevation of +658/661 ft and is rated intermediate-level. 


Prepare to do some climbing – lots of climbing – on the steep and rutted trail as you slowly make your way to the top. Don’t worry if you get too tired of the climb as Strand Hill also features a bail-out trail. The views on this trail are amazing, though, whether you reach the top or bailout.


10. Psycho Rocks: The Gnarliest 

If you’re an expert-level mountain biker looking for the gnarliest trail in Crested Butte, you’ve found it. Psycho Rocks is located in Evolution Bike Park. 


Don’t let its short 1-mile length fool you as this singletrack network trail is sure to give you a true test of your abilities. Prepare to face an unrelenting mix of drops (some 12 feet high), bridges, and technical rocks. 


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