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Bohemian Grove Trail – Mount Tamalpais State Park

Bohemian Grove Trail – Mount Tamalpais State Park

Bohemian Grove Trail – Mount Tamalpais State Park

Location: Panoramic Hwy, Mill Valley, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, dogs allowed, wildlife observation

The Bohemian Grove Trail extends along a narrow valley and is mostly covered with a wooden boardwalk. It is Muir Woods centerpiece and takes hikers through a dense forest filled with redwoods, Douglas fir, tanoak, fern, and more. The trail starts from the park entrance, through Bridge 1, Bridge 2, Bridge 3, Cathedral Grove, and Bridge 4. Hikers can go back to the main entrance through the same route or use a different one, such as the Hillside Trail.

About Mount Tamalpais State Park
A California State Park in Marin County in California, Mount Tamalpais State Park is home to Mount Tamalpais standing majestic at 2,500 feet. The park is also home redwoods and oak forests as well as approximately 60 miles of hiking trails that connects to more than 200 miles network of trails beyond the state park. Mount Tamalpais State Park also houses the Muir Woods National Monument, a United States National Monument and part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Don’t get lost.

There are so many trails on Mount Tamalpais. It is highly recommended that, prior going on a hike, one should get directions or download a detailed map. Mount Tamalpais maps can be downloaded online. Moreover, maps can also be purchased at the Pantoll Ranger Station or the East Peak Visitor Center.

2) Bring lots of water.

Trails without much shade can cause dehydration as the heat may cause you to lose more water through sweat. Bring an extra bottle or bottles. Use a carabiner when there is no space left inside your bag.

3) Cook quality meals with a handy cooking device.

If you have to go through miles and miles of hiking, you would definitely go hungry mid route. When energy bars can’t provide you the ultimate fix, you can opt to make full meals with a handy cooking device.

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