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Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach

Location: Marin County, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, dog friendly, surfing, incredible scenery, beach, kayaking, ocean views

This smooth sand beach is located in Marin County, about 30 miles north of San Francisco, CA.

The locals don’t particularly cater to tourists, so the road signs are often taken down to make it hard to find the town of Bolinas. However, if you do end up navigating your way (it’s not too hard to figure out!), this beach is the epitome of the West Marin experience.

The beach is speckled with families, dogs, surfers, kayakers, and standup paddle boarders. The beach has local flair, as seen in the cement wall lining the beach covered in tasteful, artsy graffiti. There is a bathroom located close to the beach.

This beach is a popular spot  for beginning to intermediate surfers, because of the easy waves and shallow water. So, don’t go there expecting some intense surfing. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to learn and practice, as the surf is gentle, and the surfers are nice, supportive, and non-threatening. There are also a few great shops to rent gear and take lessons from within walking distance from the beach.

The downtown is very charming, and includes several places to eat, parks, and a tennis court. This is a great place for families, dog-lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Bolinas is also located near many hiking spots, including Alamere Falls.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Take your dog for a walk

You can bring your dog to the beach and play with them. The beach is a good playground for pets.

2) Have a picnic!

You can bring a basket of picnic food to the beach. Don’t forget to bring utensils!

3) Wear comfortable clothes

At the beach, make sure you wear proper clothes that are comfortable so you can enjoy beach activities and maybe get some tan if you can.

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  • buff thetaggers

    That beautiful tree has been laying on the beach for 20 years. I don’t think the spray paint adds to the beauty of this sacred beach. It is obvious that graffiti culture lacks respect for nature. What is the point of writing your lame little tagger name all over the place anyway? Real men don’t tag trees. Real men don’t tag rocks. Real men don’t tag driftwood.

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