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Castle Rock State Park Loop, Santa Cruz County

Castle Rock State Park Loop

Castle Rock State Park Loop, Santa Cruz County

Castle Rock State Park Loop

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails,  no dogs, bird watching, rock climbing

A 5,000 acre state park in California, Caste Rock State Park is located along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains and almost comprises the entire Santa Cruz County – with parts extending into Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. It is a forest haven consisting of coast redwood, fir, and madrone with hiking trails amounting to 32 miles.

Among them is Castle Rock State Park Loop. It starts on Castle Rock Trail. The trail goes upward until you come across the falls. Continue to move forward until you come across the Saratoga Gap Trail. Move left and follow the Saratoga Gap Trail, this will provide you stellar view of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Turn right onto the Interconnector Trail and Ridge Trail. This area provides amazing views of the valley.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Be prepared

The long trek may be lined with bushes or a variety of plant life. Whenever a skin allergy begins to attack, it pays to have a portable camping shower. Moreover, keep an allergy cream inside your bag.

2) Lounge in the wilderness

The breathtaking scenery is definitely a sight to see, why not lounge with an inflatable sofa and revel in the beauty of nature?

3) Bring a camera Sony Alpha a600

Don’t forget to document the fun!

This Mirrorless Digital Camera is the perfect companion.

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