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Fern Canyon Loop Trail

Fern Canyon Loop Trail

Fern Canyon Loop Trail

Fern Canyon Loop Trail

Location: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 0.8 miles
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 0.5 hours

Users: Dogs, horses, and bikes not permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Even though this is a short hike, it is stunning and well worth the hike. Fern Canyon, 50-ft. high walls covered with giant ferns, waterfall, Home Creek, beach,

Trail: Follow the trail to the end of the canyon. Turn left and ascend to the canyon rim and continue through the forest back to the trailhead.

Trail Note: Flooding may occur at Home Creek, especially in Winter months. Bridges are provided over the creek from June through September. Be prepared for the possibility of getting your shoes wet.

Parking Note: Trailers and RVs are not permitted

The Fern canyon has a great variance of water, gravel, stumps, and downed trunks caused by the floor being almost all creek bed. It showcases the astonishing primal ferns that grow in a narrow 50-foot-deep vertical walled canyon.

The Fern Canyon Loop trail is good for a variety of activities, it has a 1.8 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail that highlights a waterfall, a perfect combination for a great experience, and it is accessible year-round.

Fun Fact: Fern Canyon was used for some scenes in Jurassic Park 2: Lost Worlds (1997) and the series Walking with Dinosaurs (2000) from BBC.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Wear waterproof gear

Fern Canyon Loop has wet areas. It’s always best to dress appropriately. Wear waterproof clothing and gear! We suggest rain boots as an option.

2) Watch out for elks

You might run into some of these majestic creatures, make sure you don’t approach them. Better safe than sorry.

3) Pack snacks and stay hydrated

Your hike might get you thirsty or hungry. Bring something to munch on along the way or a hydration pack to keep you hydrated.

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