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Location:  25000 Hillshore Dr, Westport, California 95488, United States Features:  Camping, fishing, beach exploration About the Westport Union-Landing State Beach Westport-Union Landing

Location: Tulelake, CA Length: 13.3 miles Difficulty: Intermediate Features: Dog Friendly, Hiking, Nature Trips, Skiing, Bird Watching, Forest, Views, Wild Flowers, Wildlife, Snow About The Medicine Lake Volcano Trail Medicine Lake Volcano, Mount Hoffman

Location: Tulelake, CA Length: 1.8 miles Difficulty: Intermediate Features: Hiking trails, backpacking, waterfalls, bird watching, dogs allowed, wildlife observation, camping, wilderness About the

Location: Tulelake, CA Length: 0.3 miles Difficulty: Easy Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, wildlife observation, wilderness, Caves, Spelunking About the Valentine Cave Trail Valentine's cave

Location: Tulelake, CA Length: 2.3 miles Difficulty: Intermediate Features: Hiking, Nature Trips, Walking, Bird Watching, Views About the Big Nasty Trail The Big Nasty Trail is located near Tulelake,

Location: Mendocino, CA Features: River, beach, kayaking, fishing, surfing, boat ramp, dog-friendly, hiking, nearby rentals, wildlife (seals, otters, fish, birds), biking,

  Location:¬†Diablo Foothills Regional Park,¬†Contra Costa County, CA Miles:¬†3.9 miles Difficulty: Easy -¬†Moderate Duration:¬†4 hours Users:¬†Hikers, dogs, horses, and mountain bikes permitted. Partial