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Gabrielino National Recreation Trail – Angles National Forest

Gabrielino National Recreation

Gabrielino National Recreation Trail – Angles National Forest

Gabrielino National Recreation Trail – Angles National Forest

Location: Arcadia, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, dog friendly, incredible scenery

Known as a United States National Recreation Trail, the Gabrielino Trail runs through the Angeles National Forest as well as three major watersheds and emerges from The Arroyo at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Angeles National Forest, meanwhile, incorporates the San Bernardino National Forest and portions of the former Santa Barbara and San Gabriel National Forests. The park’s total area stretches to about 700,000 acres. It is home to five nationally designated wilderness areas namely, Cucamonga Wilderness, Magic Mountain Wilderness, Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness, San Gabriel Wilderness, and Sheep Mountain Wilderness.

The trail, having two trailheads, one in Windsor Avenue in Altadena in California and on Chantry Flat, north of Arcadia in California, goes through the Big Santa Anita Canyon, Sturtevant Falls and Camp, and into the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. The trail then meets the river at Devore Campground and follows the watercourse upstream. The trail then continues westward down the Arroyo Seco and ends at The Arroyo.

The trail is abundant in picnic areas as well as campgrounds. Potable water is available but it must be boiled or filtered. Phone service is seldom available along the entry route.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Camp comfortably

Whether it may be a tent, an inflatable pad, a sleeping bag, or a hammock, make sure that these are comfortable – being ultralight is a plus factor.

2) Create quality meals

Camping would not be complete without an outdoor cooking device. Make quality meals in between treks, on rest periods, and during camping trips. Moreover, a quality outdoor cooking system us vital to make any trip enjoyable.

3) Filter your water before drinking Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Although potable water is available in the area but it must be boiled or filtered first.

You can use a personal water filter to be safe.

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