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Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch National Park

Location: St. Louis, MO
Difficulty: Easy
Features: the Arch, pond, Old Courthouse, hiking, biking


Gateway Arch National park is a 90-acre national park in St. Louis, MO. It features the tallest national monument in the United States standing 630 feet – the Arch. This serves as a symbolic and historical gateway to the west in memory of the work of former President Thomas Jefferson. In fact, it was formerly known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Also in its premise is the Old Courthouse where the famous slavery case of Dred Scott took place. The park with its museum and 5 mile trail is open and suitable for all ages. When atop the Arch, you will stunning of nature and pond views like you have climbed to the mountain top. The park also commemorate the historic Louisiana Purchase and first civil government west of the Mississippi River. A circulation loop offers pedestrian and bike paths around the park. Kids can play in the Lewis and Clark Explorers’ Garden


Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Indoor activities

Most of the parks exhibits and activities are indoors so you can enjoy the park all year long.

2) Busy summer

There are many visitors during the summer so you need to prepare to line up. Otherwise, it’s also a good idea to go during other months.

3) Explore St. Louis

Continue your trip to the historic St. Louis where you can see a colonial French village, 1800’s riverfront metropolis, 1960’s building of the Arch and more

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