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Goosenest Trail

Goosenest Trail

Goosenest Trail – Klamath National Forest

Location: Klamath National Forest, Weed, CA
Length: 1.7 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Features: Hiking trails, backpacking, bird watching, dogs allowed, wildlife observation, camping, wilderness

About the Goosenest Trail

Located at the northern portion of Mount Shasta, the Goosenest is one of the highest, most breathtaking, and highly fascinating peaks in the Cascades of California. However, it’s not an extremely well-known mountain. While it can be surprising, given how noticeable the mountain is from Interstate 5, it is in an area where there is very little tourism.

Trails In The Klamath National Forest

The Goosenest trail will lead hikers to the top of Goosenest Mountain, a stunning and iron age volcano. The height to the top is 8,280 feet. The trail is 1.2 miles, so there’s a 2.4-mile round trip. If you’re seeing snow on Goosenest Mountain, there will likely be snow on the trail so better take this into consideration before starting your journey to the peak.

The trail crosses the old-growth forest to the west. The ground is also covered with a little bit of woodland detritus, with broken branches and fallen trees scattered about. As the trail continues to ascend, another larger series of switchbacks will soon be reached. They’re about 0.3 miles away from the trail. The trail continues its westward course quickly ascending the northern slope of the Goosenest.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring Enough Water

Water and garbage service are not provided so it is advisable to bring enough water for drinking or washing purposes. Bringing extra litres exclusively for drowning campfire is also recommended.

2) Know The Campfire Rules

The new California Campfire Permit is a requirement in order to use a camp stove, barbecue, or campfire. Local fire regulations supersede campfire permits. It is advisable to inquire at the Ranger Station prior to setting up a fire.

3) Bring Some Friends

There’s no better way to enjoy conquering the Goosenets trail than to do it with your friends. This is an adventure that your squad will definitely remember!

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