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Greenhorn Park Trail

Greenhorn Park Trail

Greenhorn Park Trail – Greenhorn Park

Location: Yreka, California
Length: 4.7 miles
Difficulty: moderate
Features: hiking, mountain biking, cycling, lake, social events, fishing

About the Greenhorn Park Trail

Built around a resevoir of the Greenhorn creek, Greenhorn Park Trail is a 4.7 mile loop trail that has about 10 interconnected and intersecting multipurpose trails. It is pet friendly and open for all year round. This is one of the busiest park trail in terms of social and sporting activities in Siskiyou County which hosts the likes of Humbug Hurry-Up and other biking events. Visitors can also do shore and boat fishing

In terms of difficulty, there’s 3 easy trails, 6 moderate and 1 certified difficult trail. Each trail pass through hillside and different portions of the creek. One way to access the park is thru the upper area from Greenhorn Road and another one is thru the lower area of the park thru Ranch Lane.

Trails In Greenhorn Park

Big Ditch Trail –  It has double hardpack tracks in most part expect for the narrow areas with only single tracks. Big Ditch Trail goes along both east and west of the park. In the east, it meets the Humbug Trail and the opposite end meets Flume Trail, Miners Trail, and AARP Trail.

Lynn Skinner Memorial Trail – This runs from the area near Humbug Trail where the water tower stands and ends on Kid’s Trail. It is multipurpose and has both people and animals using it.

Kid’s Trail – Like Big Ditch Trail, it covers an east to west area of the park converging with Humbug Trail in the east and Miners Trail in the west. The Kid’s Trail generally runs east/west in Yreka’s Greenhorn Park. The eastern end of the trail intersects with the Humbug Trail, while the western end of the trail intersects Miners Trail which splits it from Fool’s Gold Trail. It descents gently on some parts and also multi-purpose.

AARP Trail –  This one has a prominent ascending point specifically near the Sidewinder Trail intersection. This multi-purpose trail meets the Humbug and  Flume Trail at the top.

Sidewinder Trail – This adventurous trail is built on slopes. Taking you through the woods, it has a climb, switchback and hairpin turns

Humbug Trail – This east to west trail is a combination of climbs and gentle descents. In it’s east, it meets Lynn Skinner Memorial Trail and Big Ditch Trail. Midway through it, you’ll see an intersection between the Goat Trail and in the west, Flume Trail and the AARP Trail. It’s crowded in most days, has a few switchbacks and great views.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Careful of blind spots

Most trails here are multi-purpose and available to bikers, hikers, horses, visitors with pets. Some trails have descents and blind spots so be sure to ring a bell or any warning device.

2) Join the fun

Join the fun or be a spectator, either way you will surely enjoy your visit. This park trail is popular among biking enthusiasts and families. Be sure to wear appropriate multipurpose outfit, you may decide to take a hike, ride a bike, go fishing, or run one of the trails.

3) Don’t litter

Number one when biking, hiking or just taking a leisurely stroll. This park and its trails can become quite busy but do consciously clean as you go and leave no trace. That way, you’ll help preserve the park for your next visit.

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