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Haypress Meadows Trailhead

Haypress Meadows Trailhead

Haypress Meadows Trailhead

Haypress Meadows Trailhead

Location: Marble Mountain Wilderness, Siskiyou County, CA
Miles: 29 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 days
Users: Hikers, dogs, and horses permitted. No mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: Cuddihy Lakes basin, Marble Mountain Wilderness, Haypress Meadows, Sandy Ridge, large bear population, camping at Monument Lake, Meteor Lake, One Mile Lake, or Cuddihy Lakes.

The Haypress Trail is known for its outstanding views of wilderness in every angle, and when one is traveling to the high country of the Marble Mountain Wilderness, this is the main Western route or access. It is a slightly difficult hike and a very long one ( 29 miles) that might take you 3 days to travel. The trail starts at the Camp Four Trailhead (not a camping site), then carries out from a beautiful, open, old-growth forest to lovely trail meadows, some creeks along the way, and a trail to meet.

From Sandy Ridge to the Haypress Trail, a diversity of spectacular wildlife can be seen varying from birds to fishes. Abundant species of wildflowers and berries are also found in its meadow systems. There’s also a trail junction that offers an option of continuing on up Sandy Ridge or taking a lesser traveled trail or shortcut on the way to Cedar Flat.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Watch out for bears

Seal away any food or snacks you brought, there’s a large bear population in this area.

2) Go camping

Although campsites are limited in this trail, Monument Lake offers one for campers to enjoy. This would be a great time to bring your camping utensils.

3) Enjoy the wilderness

There are lots of wildlife that you will meet, greet them as you hike your way around the trail.

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