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McClendon Ford Trail

McClendon Ford Trail

McClendon Ford Trail

McClendon Ford Trail


image credit: Wavehaven Adventures

Smith River National Recreation Area, Del Norte County, CA
Miles: 3 miles
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1.5 hours
Users: Dogs, horses, and bikes permitted. No wheelchair access.
Features: Swimming hole, Douglas fir forest, beach on South Fork Smith River, Horse Creek,
Trail: Start on South Kelsey Trail for 0.5 miles, then 1 mile on the McClendon Ford Trail to the river

The hike is easy and short, you can spot the picturesque South Fork of the Smith River, shimmering with brilliant cold blue and green hues. Deeper in the trail, groves of verdant ferns and huge Port Orford Cedar and Douglas Fir fills the pathway and a few streams can be sighted.

The trail will also lead you to a sandy beach as it ends, which will be good for picnicking and a pool perfect for winding down after the hike or best during a hot summer day. This makes the McClendon Ford trail an ideal getaway whenever you want to relax and get closer with nature.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring your picnic basket

Since the hike is short, bringing your picnic basket wouldn’t be such a hassle. Plus you get to sit and chat with your family and friends while enjoying nature.

2) Go swimming

Enjoy the pool at the end of the trail. This part of the area is enclosed by nature. Be sure to bring your swimming gear with you.

3) Wear pants for safety

Watch out for poison oak in this trail, make sure you wear proper attire to keep you from poison. Be alert!

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