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Mist Falls Hiking Trail – Kings Canyon National Park

Mist Falls Hiking Trail

Mist Falls Hiking Trail – Kings Canyon National Park

Mist Falls Hike – Kings Canyon National Park

Location: Dunlap, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, wildlife observation, no dogs, incredible scenery

King Canyon National Park is adjacent to the famous Sequoia National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Established in 1890 and was formerly known as the General Grant National Park, Kings Canyon is home to the General Grant Tree in Grant Grove, giant sequoia trees, granite canyon walls, bears, rattlesnakes, cougars, as well as to a diverse collection of flora. The Mist Halls Hike is a trail to Mist Falls, one of the highlights at King Canyon. The fairly leveled hike makes it easy for families, hikers, and backpackers – sharing the first few miles of the trail – to reach Mist Falls. Moreover, although hikers turn around at the falls, a remaining few continue on to Paradise Valley.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Wear appropriate footwear

Whether it may be a short hike or a long trek, it is best that you wear appropriate footwear. Trail shoes are best for short hikes while hiking boots are best for technical terrain.

2) Stay warm Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt

Did you know that consuming too little water can aggravate hypothermia? Stay hydrated, dress in layers, carry a hate, and bring rain gear for long treks. Avoid cotton as it can absorb water and keep you cold.

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3) Bring a first aid kit

There are pre-packaged first aid kits especially intended for hikers. Moreover, you can also enroll in a first-aid class or a wilderness first-aid class.

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