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Pacific Crest Trail – Jefferson Park , Oregon

Pacific Crest Trail – Jefferson Park , Oregon

Location: Pacific Crest Trail, Detroit, Oregon 97342, United States
Features: Hiking, Camping, backpacking, Nature tripping, wildlife watching

About the White Pacific Crest Trail – Jefferson Park

PCT Jefferson Park Oregon

Located right on the Pacific Crest Trail, and a moderate 7-mile hike from the Pamelia Lake trailhead, Jefferson Park receives an abundance of weekend backpackers and Pacific crest trail thru-hikers every summer. This popular camp area on the north side of Mount Jefferson features several pristine lakes and sprawling berry and wildflower meadows and is considered one of the backcountry jewels of Oregon’s Cascade Range. 

Trails at the White Pacific Crest Trail – Jefferson Park

Pacifc Crest Trail Marker - Jefferson Park Oregon

The 5.8-mile trek along the Pacific Crest trail into Jefferson Park is one of Oregon’s most coveted hikes. Both the journey and destination are truly spectacular. It can be access either from the north via Jefferson Ridge trail begins at the Breitenbush Lake or from the West via Sentinel Hills.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Breathtaking Views Are Picture Perfect 

One of the most jaw dropping stunning display of wildflowers and numerous subalpine lakes, the park fascinates outdoor enthusiast of all types, be a casual explorers, backpackers, hikers or photographer hoping to capture and perfect shots. The view of Mount Jefferson is so impressive, and the meadows are so delightful to explore.

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2) Ensure Your Car Has Off-Road Tires

If you plan to drive in, it’s rugged, four-wheel drive road access after 16 miles of rough gravel road. If you are driving in from Olallie Lake, note that the section of road between Horseshoe and Breitenbush Lake (roughly 2 miles) is very rough, and a high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicle is recommend, make sure that you have spare tires.

3) Hiking & Camping Tips

The hike is a difficult 10.2-mile round trip, gaining 1,800 feet of elevation. Expect some restrictions, wilderness rangers will be on hand to enforce the rules. Campfires are banned throughout the area and camping within 250 feet of the lakes is permitted only at approved sites marked with an embedded post.

Permits for camping at Jefferson Park’s designated lake campsites may be obtained through

Permits cost only $6 and are not restricted to a specific group size. PCT thru-hikers and weekenders can still camp in the area without a permit, but camps must be made at existing durable sites.

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