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Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: This surf spot is amenable to surfers of all experience levels, and the waves are very consistent. More than 300 days of the year, the wave is breaking, and it is great. Getting in and out during low tide can be hard though. You will have to make a 100 ft. walkout to the break slogging through thick kelp, reef holes, random rocks, sea urchins, and more. Before you realize what’s going on, you can drop from ankle-deep water to chest-deep water. You could end up with a sprained ankle and a busted board. Make sure you walk out there with a friend and be cautious of a sudden drop. The walk is totally worth it though. The waves are almost always great at this surf spot.

Beach: This surf spot is sometimes just called “the point”. It is very crowded during the week, and it is ultra-crowded on the weekend. You should be careful when you’re getting in or out on the high tide, or getting up or down the “stairs”. Outside of that, this surf spot is one of the best in Northern California, and it has an awesome wave for nearly every type of surfer.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Look for ‘The Hook’

This is a popular surf spot with a great view that captivates sightseers at the southern end of 41st Ave.

2) Relax in Pleasure Point Park

This Park pays homage to the Pleasure Point Night Fighters.

3) Bring an Outdoor Towel

If you decide to get some surfing action, always bring an outdoor towel with you!

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