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Redwood Creek Trail

Redwood Creek Trail

Redwood Creek Trail

Redwood Creek Trail

Location: Redwood National Park, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 1 – 16 miles
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Duration: 0.5 hours – all day
Users: Dogs, horses, and bikes not permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Feature hike in Redwood National Park. Hikers make this trail as short or as long as they wish. The farther out you go before turning around, the fewer hikers you will see. Possible elk sightings, Redwood Creek (which flows out to sea in Orick, CA), diverse forest, wildlife (ducks, herons, hawks, roughed grouse, and eagles)

Note: Possible flooding in winter months

Redwood Creek Trail is famous for its enthralling surroundings and the soothing hum of the creek. Travelers often halt on the first mile and half of the trail because it is where almost all the views are. Also the path here is surfaced with gravel and constantly maintained, deemed to be wheelchair accessible.

Those who want to see all the areas of the trail will be encouraged to go backpacking. Once you hike in further, the blissful sound of the unseen creek and calmness of the forest will surely make up for whatever it lacks. And if you want to camp anywhere along the creek be sure to get a permit as it’s a place outside the campground.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Set camp

Backpackers can camp anywhere as long as they are along the gravel creek bed and should upstream of the first creek crossing and at least a quarter mile away from the Tall Trees Grove. Carry a Tent!

2) Take a dip

Take a swim on the creek. It’s always refreshing to take a dip after a hike.

3) Backpacking food

If you’re backpacking make sure you bring food that could last for days if you plan to camp out.

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