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Russ City Park Loop

russ city park loop

Russ City Park Loop

Russ City Park Loop

Location: Russ City Park in Ferndale, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Duration: 2 hours
Users: Dogs permitted. Horses and bikes not permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Wildlife, birds, figure eight loop, Lytel Ridge, Francis Creek, small pond, Eel River floodplain, fern beds, large firs, secluded

This trail is an eight-figure loop located in Ferndale, Humboldt County at Russ City Park. It provides travelers a secluded hike and permits dogs to use this trail. The trail begins and ends with minimal elevation during the hike with a distance of 2.2 miles.

Russ Park has spruce, grand fir, Douglas fir, that is visible in this trail. The ancient conifers shade your path and give off an atmosphere that makes the hike feel more personal. The trails are lush, peaceful, and often leads to surprisingly beautiful vistas all throughout. Chances of wildlife to be seen in the trail is high.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Get a Map

Reviewing all maps provided to you helps you spot what is what at the Russ Park trail system.

2) Bring a camera

Keep the beautiful views forever by taking photos. If you just want to use your phone, you can opt for an HD smartphone lens that you can attach for better quality.

3) Walk with your dog

This trail permits dog access, so you can bring your dog and have fun whilst creating a lot of memories.

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