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Scott’s Creek

Scott’s Creek

surf north scott creek

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: Scott’s Creek is located right off the highway just a little bit beyond Davenport Landing. You should take a car to get there, but it’s not hard to find. It’s a great surf spot for surfers of all experience levels, and the waves are pretty consistent. Unlike other beaches in Santa Cruz, it is not very crowded during the week or on the weekend. This has been called one of Santa Cruz’s most wonderful beaches, and it’s very family-friendly and great for surfers of all experience levels.

Beach: This is a pretty average spot on most days, and the waves don’t ever get that great. The only wave worth nothing Is the one at the north end, which hardly ever lines up, but it can be just as good as several of the other surrounding reefs on the right day. Some of the waves can get very powerful in that area. There is some free parking on either side of Highway 1. It can be a little dangerous to cross the two-lane highway, so you should look both ways before you cross. There are always a lot of kite surfers and surfers here. It can get kind of chilly, so be sure to bundle up.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Go Sunning

Lay a towel on top of the sand and just sit and enjoy the rays of sunlight on a day at the beach!

2) Try Kitesurfing

If you haven’t done it yet, you should have a go at Kite Surfing on this spot! You won’t have to worry if it’s your first time since there are only a few people who go to the beach at Scott’s Creek!

3) Bring a jacket

It might windy any time of the day even if you arrived at a sunny hour. Be sure you have something to keep you warm. Also, a head’s up, Although this place is a gem, you might not find any restrooms here.

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