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Scout Trail – Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Scout Trail – Joshua Tree National Park

Scout Trail – Joshua Tree National Park

Location: Twenty-nine Palms, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, no dogs, incredible scenery, wildlife observation

Designated as the Joshua Tree Wilderness in 1976 by the United States Congress, the area is almost 600,000 acre – bordered by the Sheephole Valley to the north and the Pinto Mountains to the north. Moreover, the California Desert Protection Act of 1994 made the Joshua Tree National Monument into a park giving an extra 133,000 acres to the area. To date, the park is known for its diverse desert ecosystems: the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree National Park takes visitors into a vast area of pure wilderness.

The Boy Scout Trail found in Joshua Tree National Park is a challenging hike that stretches 8 miles. The trailhead can be accessed from two locations: from the north end of the Indian Cover backcountry, or the south end of the Boy Scout Trailhead. The trail takes hikers through Wonderland of Rocks and the Indian Cove. The hike features a number of J-trees, chollas, and hedgehod cactus.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring a camera

The Joshua Tree Wilderness brings together the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert – two distinct desert ecosystems. You surely don’t want to miss taking a snapshot of this – as well as the vast collection of Joshua Trees

2) Be prepared

Joshua Tree is an ancient desert, it does not have water, electricity, food service, and cell reception. So come prepared! A solar powered charger is a must-have when trekking this area.

3) Don’t get lost

Trails can go for miles. Of course, you don’t want to get lost! A map, GPS, compass are essential devices that can help you located campsites, water, and an emergency exit route in case of emergency.

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