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Zmudowski State Beach

Zmudowski State Beach

Zmudowski State Beach

Location: Struve Rd and Giberson Rd. Moss Landing, California
Features: Fishing, horseback riding, birding

About the Zmudowski State Beach

Zmudowski State Beach Moss Landing

Zmudowski State Beach is located on the Monterey Bay, in Moss Landing, Monterey County, California. It is operated by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Coastal erosion has greatly affected Zmudowski State Beach, along with other beaches in California. The beach is located 20 miles northwest of Monterey, off Highway 1. It is accessible via Giberson Road, a two-mile narrow road through agricultural fields.

It is also popular in fishing area and tourist attraction. The beach features the Pajaro River estuary, where a natural preserve has been set aside for nature and wildlife exploring. The sandy beach is also popular with bird watchers and equestrians. Horses are only allowed near the waterline. 

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1. Visit the Popular Sandy Beach

As far as beaches go, Zmudowski State Beach has got all the hits. Lots of sand, open vistas, and all the ocean you could want. Decent for watching boats, excellent for birdwatching and equestrian. The beach is also a popular fishing area, featuring perch, kingfish, sole, flounder, halibut, bocaccio (tomcod), jacksmelt, lingcod, cabezon, salmon, steelhead and occasional rockfish

2. Escape the crowds

Zmudowski State Beach is such a pleasant Beach, It feels more like a natural beach, it is very private, you’ll get the tranquility that you need. you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the waves crashing and breathe in the salt filled air with few distractions. 

3. Expect weather at Zmudowski State Beach

The weather can be changeable. Layered clothing is advised, but Like every other beach, a light jacket and blanket, hoodie and something warm is needed for all but the very hottest days. Be prepared for wind, the water is icy cold, varies between 45 to 55 degrees, depending on time of year Swimming and water sports are hazardous because of strong rip-currents.

Don’t get caught without the proper gear

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