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Tall Trees Trail

Tall Trees Trail

Tall Trees Trail

Tall Trees Trail

Location: Redwood National Park, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 3.2 miles
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Duration: 1.5 hours

Users: Hikers only. No dogs, horses, and bikes not permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Ancient redwood forest, Tall Trees Grove – home of a 357-foot-tall redwood aged about 600 years old, a popular trail in summer

Note: RVs and trailers are not permitted

The Tall Trees trail contains one of the world’s tallest species of trees, the coastal redwoods. The trail is well maintained and stretches about 3.2 miles. The Ancient redwood forest shelters the redwoods, truly striking and proud with one sizing up to 357 foot-tall and aged about 600 years old

It is a must for forest enthusiasts to explore this trail as it flaunts the redwood trees, and has a lovely tune of nature. It’s fairly secluded as the towering tall trees surround you and moderately easy hike, though there are steep paths as you return, so watch out for that.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring the right camera equipment

These trees might not be really ideal for ordinary cameras, especially if you want to capture the height of these giants.

2) Take your time

Along with bringing the right camera equipment, be sure to take your time while snapping some great photos so that heavy equipment will be worth the weight.

This light but heavy-duty day pack is perfect for this scenario.

3) Condition yourself!

This trail is not for the faint heart. It’s a little bit strenuous and that’s what makes it exciting.

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