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20 Amazing Journeys To Take Before You Die

20 Amazing Journeys To Take Before You Die | AdventureHacks

20 Amazing Journeys To Take Before You Die

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Take These 20 Amazing Journeys Before You Die

Going on your travels is a big part of life, it can make you who you are and add to your wisdom and character. It is a way of seeing the real world and not just the one you know of currently. Maybe the world is going down to the local bar and having a few drinks, or maybe you enjoy shopping and going out for meals. Well thats all well and good but you are missing out on masses of cultural differences, beautiful beaches, amazing sights and stunning views all across the world. There is definitely more to see in life than what you currently know right now.

So with that in mind have a look through these 20 items and see if there is anything that you fancy doing, there is plenty to choose from so it should be a good read for you. Remember you have your whole life to visit these places, but to get started; well theres no time like the present is there!

#1 Trek Across The Appalachian Trail

Trek Across The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail runs from Mount Katahdin & Maine, along with New Bruns-wick, the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec Canada, Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia, towards the New-foundland Labrador. Through West New-foundland it is a long hiking track which runs from Port aux Basques in the southern side, along with National Park of Gros-Morne, towards Crow-Head in the east of L-Anse aux Meadows that is at the close end of this Greater Peninsula. The trek across the Appalachian Trail sounds good due to the scenery of high peaks, tracking the migrated birds, and help to seek out the best fishing areas. It is clear that Maine and the provinces of Canada which include New Bruns-wick and Quebec belong to the similar large and extraordinary ecosystem.

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#2 Ride Across Route 66 By Motorcycle

Historic Route 66 Motorcycle Ride

It is the only road which can be regarded as “The Mother of all the roads”. The road extends from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 takes one to a journey of greater America. Exclusive cities like Chicago, St. Louis & Albuq-uerque are covered on this road quickly with ancient isolated dirty roads with one of its kind bars, restaurants, museums & valid route 66 petrol pumping stations. It is a big route with curvy mountain tracks and in addition, all one needs is to travel on Route 66. It extends up to approximately 2400 miles journey and runs along the Pacific Ocean. This route gives one an exclusive beauty of America with eyes open of the tourists & they are stun at these images of natural beauty and scenery. The total distance can be covered in 15 days on a bike. It’s a journey of dreams rather.

#3 Island Hopping In The Pacific

Pacific Island Hopping

Just after the Midway Battle of WWII, the U.S started a counter-attack strategy strike called as ‘island hopping’, which established that island will be bombarded with the air strikes to take air control from the Japanese army. This idea was to confine various important & war strategic islands, one after the other, unless Japan comes under American bombardment. Moving on decades later and the recreational island hopping still goes on today although now it is seen as a real activity and not a matter of life or death. Island hopping is a great idea as you get a little bit of sport, scenery and of course lashing of sun and sea. If you fancy a journey with a unique difference then this may be the one for you.

#4 Dive To The Titanic Via Submarine

Submarine Tour The Titanic

Can anyone dive to the Titanic without the submarine? The answer is simply “No”. One must have a submarine. The longest depth for entertainment diving is 40 meters. If one has special purpose training and equipment such as tech-diver, one can go rather deeper in the water but the Titanic is about 4000 meters (12,300 ft) deep in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. There is much pressure for one’s body to resist. Also one’s breathing can be toxic at this depth. The water is too much cold that one can not withstand. But a submarine can do that for you very easily. The pressure, coldness of water and depth can only be handled by a submarine which can go to the wreck of the largest ship on earth ever made at the time of its sinking. It’s a fun to watch & pass through an historic century old wreckage & experience.

#5 Walk Across The Great Wall Of China

Hike The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China can be seen as only building made by man ever to be located on Earth as seen from the moon. Every human on earth almost knows its location by name that it is the Great Wall of the Great China. Many marathons are held on this wall every year and millions of tourists visit this wall each year. It consisted of more than 8,800 km in the past. The Great Wall can be viewed today in different sections. The 1st section that extends around 9 km gives the chance to the people to walk up on the wall and down as it is built on different mountain regions. It is made up of various steep ascends and descends making up atleast 10% of the Great Wall and consists more than a thousand steps. When passing the steepest parts of Great Wall, runners are advised to run slowly going up and down the mountain. It was built to protect China from its enemies in the Northern borders.

#6 Take An African Safari

Lunch during an African Safari

To ride Africa on a car is known as the African safari. One can go on an African safari in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia etc. These are the best African safari destinations. In addition, one can see the gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and whales. One can also go to an African safari to view the annual migration of Wildebeest and Zebra. One can go tracking Gorilla’s in Rwanda. One can have a Malaria free safari that can be done in various parts of South Africa. One should find out the malaria free safari in Eastern Cape region of South Africa, Waterberg, Madikwe & the Northern Province. Taking an African safari is best for families tracking with children, the aged and anyone else. Nature can’t be seen in any other reality except in an African safari. So be ready to take the challenge.

#7 Camel Trek Across The Tunisian Sahara

Camel Trek Across The Tunisian Sahara

If one is happening to go to take a visit to the Sahara Desert especially in the Tunisian region of this desert, one can do it simply and enjoyably on the back of a camel. One can visit Tunisia in northern Africa; one can go to the south eastern town of “Douz”. This town sits on the border of the Sahara and 1st step is to sign-up for a camel back trek in the sand of the desert dunes. The Douz  is an amazing place at where the hard roads and palm trees fully become invisible and the huge Sahara desert starts, there are very few groups of individual guides and camels around. Once can climb up the camel and take a ride without any fear & a comfortable journey begins with cushioning provided unless the camel moves. An amazing experience with the rider and the sand and in the end a moon oriented night stay in the desert in a camp which makes it look like an adventurous journey.

#8 Trek Across St Cuthbert’s Way In England

St Cuthbert’s Way In England

It is an exciting historical 60 miles walk along the Scottish Borders and North-umberland country-side. It ends on the stunning “Holy Island” called the St Cuthbert; there one can walk across the desert sands which are amazingly memorable. This trek includes Melrose, the Eildon Hills, St Boswells, the banks of the River Tweed (salmon fishing can be done here), Jedburgh, Morebattle and Kirk Yetholm. Kirk Yetholm is near to the Pennine Way of England. Once near the Wooler one ends it with the sear of Fenham with the deserts & sands of the amazing Lindis-farne. A remarkable experience takes its notes on the Scottish Borders and Northern England. One enjoys outstanding countryside scenery, along with the religious history of this area.

#9 Have A Go At The Gumball Rally

Gumball Race Europe - David Aston in a Lamborghini

The Gumball Rally is held annually that ranges across 3,000 miles covering an international road rally that is completed on public traffic roads each year choosing new route everytime. It can be from London to Istanbul or from Islamabad to Berlin, etc. It was established in the year 1999 by Maximillion Cooper who got an idea to a race of 120 cars, that are tremendously powerful with sports cars engines including police cars and camper vans have also been seen. The Rally is an adventure rather than a Rally race. There are no winners & prizes for top ranking or any official timekeeper of any type. Organizers say that it is a road rally trip that is adventurous and not a kind of race. It is the true adventure of the life of an individual racing through different countries, different cultures and different languages to obtain the one & only objective—the entertainment.

#10 Try To Complete The Long Way Round Journey By Motorcycle

Long Way Round Journey By Mortorcycle.

One can do the LWR (Long Way Round) that is a journey of approximately 19,000 miles (about 31,000 km) journey from London to New York on motorcycles as was done by McGregor & Charley in the year 2004. They travelled towards east across Europe & Asia, then flew to Alaska and then continued by road from Alaska to New York. McGregor took riding BMW motorcycles & Charley preferred KTM motorcycle. This team was to pass through different countries and there were visa and passport problems everywhere. There were sponsors also present mainly the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) and BMW etc. During this long journey the motorcycles were also met with different accidents but the team was safe each time. The entire ride was filmed and showed on TV. It means showing beauty of every country’s atmosphere and environment.

#11 Walk To The North And South Poles

Walk To The North And South Poles

It was done by sled, ski and sail; 2 explorers and adventurers are taking a one year long trekking between 2 poles of the Earth to signify the affect of climate & atmospheric changes. Rob and James, 2 young men from their 20’s belonging to England, have agreed to take the approximate 22,000 miles journey from one pole of the Earth to the other pole with the help of the only ways & methods of transportation which are environment friendly and do not produce pollution. They planned to travel the world by sled, ski, sail-boat, bicycle and on foot for the travelling of the 180 degree north pole to south pole difficult task. The 2 explorers thought up the journey after the summit of Mount Everest previous year. It will help to educate people about the safety of their environment which should be pollution free.

#12 Sail Around The World With Friends

Sailing Around The World With Friends

If one wants to experience of owning a boat, it’s not possible without too much money involved. But, if one is smart & vigilant, one can still take the joys and adventures of boats without owning these boats. It is simple, be with friends & sail on their boats or share the cost of travel. Just going around the world, one needs to be a good swimmer or become a qualified crew member in any company doing the task of shipping equipment around the world. Make friends and get them together and have some fun by shipping around the world. One learns a lot during these journeys. Sometimes there are hurricanes or the weather is bad, but as a whole it is a good experience to sail through water of the oceans. Location to location & city to city will open new opportunities for you and it will be a life long experience. Being in Navy is also another choice but one may miss out friends in this instance.

#13 Swim Across The English Channel

Swim Across The English Channel

The English Channel is like an arm of the Atlantic Ocean which separates out the Great Britain from the north side of France and adjoins the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 560 km (350 miles) lengthy and changes in breadth from 240 km (150 miles) to 34 km (21 miles) in the Strait of Dover. It is the least of the shallow water seas across the continent of Europe that covers an area of 75,000 km (29,000 square miles). Swimming the 21 miles English Channel is thought to be the ‘Everest of the water swimming’. People or swimmers who tried to attempt have an experience of cold water, tiredness, fatigue and the pressure of escapism of the sea ships traffic in one of the earth’s busiest shipping channels/corridors. It is a beautiful but cold journey.

#14 Participate In The Race Across America

Race Across America On A Road Bike

The RAA (Race Across America) is a mega event marathon bicycle race across the U.S which began in the year 1982, named as the GABR or Great American Bike Race. RAA is one of the very known and largest yearly endured events in the world. All the participants must demonstrate their capability by having competitions in any of various qualifying rounds & events, doing a record course within a specific time period. RAA is licensed by the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA). RAAM can be equally compared to the Tour de France, though these races vary to a large extent. It has always a fixed path from the West Coast to the East Coast of the U.S covering about 3,000 miles (4,800 km) in a week across the continents.

#15 Drive Across America – From San Francisco To Chesapeake Bay

Road Trip Across America

It is a journey from Bay to Bay or from Coast to Coast. It is a less difficult task to plan and prepare for a long trip in US territory journey from Ocean City, San Francisco to Chesapeake Bay. This route crosses one of the much beautiful greener parts of America. One has to watch the sun rise above the one Ocean and depart on the journey to the other Bay where one can observe the sun set few days later. The trip is entirely memorable, excited and inspirational.

As one crosses from one end of the country to the other, he meets and talks with people from varied backgrounds and cultures. Everyone is proud of his or her cultural heritage and place of residence. So it is a travel of culture, traditions and customs from one end of the continent to the other. People of America love each other and help each other. This journey shows a unity among them.

#16 Go Kayaking With Orca Whales

David Aston Kayaking Near Orca Whales In Alaska

It is situated near the north border of attractive Vancouver Island, British Columbia, John-stone Strait and adjoining areas are a sea diver’s dream. When separating Vancouver Island from the mainland archipelago, there is a narrow way that funnels the Pacific Ocean along with its depths, making an unparallel saturation of sea life. The prosperity of the sea water in this region results in an increase of wild marine life. The salmon yearly migrates across these channels, and other wildlife living things. One can frequently see Hump-back Whales, Minke Whales and Stellar Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles, Black Tailed Deer, Black Bear etc. with amazing birds. This hard to believe ecosystem also helps to create an astonishing collection of sea tidal life, best observed from a kayak.

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#17 Travel The Trans-Siberian Express From Japan To Russia

AdventureHacks team members traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express from Japan to Russia

The Trans-Siberian Express Railway is a chain of network railways that are linking Moscow to the Far East Russia and the Sea of Japan. It is the largest railway track in the world. There are branch railway lines to China along with Mongolia and Manchuria. Nowadays, the railway is a element of the Eurasian Land Bridge. Its construction started in the 19th century and it was constructed in phases first from Moscow to Siberia and then from Siberia to Japan. In the early 20th century the Russo-Japanese war the Japanese were at an advantage over Russians due to a single track and won the war. The Trans-Siberian Express Railway gave a very enhanced boost to the Siberian agriculture, helping major exports to central Russia and the entire Europe. It inclined the territories which were linked directly, as well as those linked to it indirectly by river transportation.

#18 Go Backpacking Across Europe

Adventurers Backpacking Through Europe

One of the major tourist attractions of back-packing is that there are no fixed rules and no fixed roads/routes. One can go anywhere one likes, stay there as long as one is restful, comfortable and move on to the next place when one is done. In such a true sense of freedom, though, raises the question of where should one go. There are so many options to go that it is hard to select anywhere to the specific. But there are many similar roads/routes and ways for European backpackers, so one can even take out the help of the people of any European country. One has to save money to reach out to more locations across European countries and one should make a plan, budget the expenses and take a guide if possible.

#19 Take A Ride On The Goa Express

AdventureHacks team members Riding the Goa Express

The Goa Express is basically a speed train which reaches high speeds to get to its destinations faster, it operated by the Indian Railways company and is located between Vasco De Gama and Delhi. As the train reaches the thick jungle of Goa the train speeds up and you are taken through an almost magical world that is not often experienced by many. The overhanging trees and the wildlife are easy to spot and you can almost touch the lower hanging branches and flowers as you go through this beautiful place. If you do go on the Goa Express, be sure to keep your eyes open for waterfalls as you will pass quite a few of them in the distance on-board this fascinating train journey.

#20 Walk The Camino The French Way

David Aston Walking the French Camino

Walking the Camino is basically a huge trek, walk or hike across miles of countryside. It is a traditional walk thought to have originated due to the pilgrimages of the Christian and catholic faiths hundreds of years ago, where religious types would walk tens of miles (sometimes hundreds) to get to their Mecca. Nowadays the Camino is a pilgrimage for anyone, it can be your own personal pilgrimage which you could devise yourself, or you can take the routes already marked out for you which is probably safer. If you love walking and want to go on a journey you won’t forget Walk the Camino; the French Camino is especially grand stretching over 100km in length.

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To your next epic outdoor adventure.


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