Why Your Adventures Suck – 10 Insights For An Epic 2021!


  1. Brian Barton says

    Don’t suck! Seriously, it’s refreshing to find a website that keeps it real. New subscriber here my friend. Deleted twatter recently, and fb last year. Felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Another funny thing that you touched on in point 9 – i never use the maps app on my phone nor ask for directions. There’s no reason every trip cant be an adventure. The spontaneity alone is good for the soul, but when you dont use maps, and dont plan everything down to the minute, we’re able to remain more present in the moment and truly enjoy existing.

  2. David Aston says

    Happy to have you!

    Not surprised you felt lighter after removing yourself from social media – I commend you.

    Great point about spontaneity and adventure.

    My friends, and family alike, have often heard me say, “I’m never lost” or “we’re not lost, we just don’t know where we are.”

    Perspective is everything.

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