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Toumey Grove Trail

Toumey Grove Trail

Toumey Grove Trail

Toumey Grove Trail

Location: Richardson Grove State Park, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 3.8 miles
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours
Users: Hikers only. No dogs, horses, and mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: South Fork Eel River, redwood forest, Kauffman Springs, Panorama Point Lookout, Oak Flat Campground, Eel River Canyon views, Richardson Grove redwoods views

Richardson Grove State Park is fairly popular for its redwood forest, springs, and various habitats that can be experienced through a number of trails present in this Park. Toumey Trail is one of them, it is an easy to moderate 3.8-mile roundtrip hike with views of the Richardson Grove and Eel River Canyon. It has the same trailhead with Settlers Trail Loop that begins between campsites at the Oak Flat Campground, though the bridge to Oak Flat Campground is only accessible in the summer.

The trail ascends to the Scenic views at Panorama Point after passing along the lush displays of huge trees that outline the river. You will encounter a few sharp turns leading to Kauffman Springs then finally descend to a swimming hole at the north end of the park.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Use mountaineering boots

Prepare yourself with mountaineering boots, keeping you and your feet safe.

2) Bring snacks

Be sure to always have some snacks to keep yourself from getting hungry during the hike.

3) Get your phone ready to take pictures

Displays of redwoods are fitting for great photographs. To improve the quality of pictures from your phone, consider getting an HD smartphone lens.

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