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Wildwood Canyon State Park

Wildwood Canyon

Wildwood Canyon State Park

Location:  12241 Canyon Dr. Yucaipa, California 92399 Features:  hiking, walking, mountain biking

About the Wildwood Canyon

Wildwood Canyon is a canyon and California state park in the eastern foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, within San Bernardino County, southern California. It is located near the city of Yucaipa, in the Inland Empire region. It is surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest on the eastern and northern sides.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1. Look For Protected Wildlife

Wildwood Canyon protects an important habitat corridor for a variety of species, some of which are native only to California.  It is home to a rich and wild community of amazing plants and animals 

The park includes three main plant communities: Oak Woodlands, Chaparral, and Sage Scrub.  Each plant community is a beautiful and vital part of the park in its own particular way. Just as interesting as the plant life is the animal diversity found dwelling within the canyon.  Species from lower and hotter valleys, such as the Red Diamond Rattlesnake, intermingle here with other animals found more commonly in the high mountains, such as the Black Bear.

2. Weather at Wildwood Canyon

Mediterranean Climate is characterized at Wildwood Canyon,  cool wet, and at times snowy, winters turn into hot, dry summers, where little or no precipitation may fall for months on end. 

Always adventure with the proper outdoor gear. You never know when your life will depend on it. 

 3. Wildwood Canyon is a hidden gem

Nestled in the hills above the suburbs of the Inland Empire, Wildwood Canyon offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys in an unforgettable nature experience. Sprinkled with oak trees, the steep ravines offer shaded trails with moderate grades up to a ridge that provides a commanding view of the Santa Clarita Valley.

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