Backpacking Meal Planning 101


  1. ShaqT says

    Solid list. My backpacking trips are usually 3-5 days. I usually bring two tanks for my jet boil and a gallon of crystal geyser for cooking. I could probably shrink that down to 1 tank and a half gallon for cooking. Maybe more jerky and nuts in between meals.

  2. Doge says

    Wfie and I are getting into backpacking. We are planning a 3 day trip on the lost coast. We are planning to bring 2 jetboil tanks, about 4 gallons of water, trsil mix, jerky and mountain house freezedried food.

  3. Jack Dempsey says

    Some really great info, Gladiola I detected this. I’m not spaming. I’m just saying your website is AWSOME! Thank you so much!

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