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50 Places To Visit In The 50 Countries of Europe

50 Places To Visit In The 50 Countries of Europe

I can recommend 50 places to visit in Europe.

Europe is a traveller’s dream destination, with a wide variety of sights that would suit just about anyone.

Europe is rich in history and culture, with a jet-set lifestyle.

Each European country is unique in its own way, making it a versatile holiday destination.

In some cases, you can travel from one country to another in just a few short hours.

I have outlined below, interesting places to visit in the 50 countries of Europe.

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Albania – Journey to Ksamil Islands

Ksamil Islands, comprised of four small islands, can be accessed by boat. The islands are named after the small coastal village of Ksamil. There are hotels and restaurants on the mainland, and small restaurants on the Islands. Enjoy warm sunlight and fresh breezes, for a truly private holiday.

Andorra – Have the Time of Your Life at Naturlàndia

Naturlàndia in Andorra La Vella, is an eco park for all seasons. Ride the Tobotronc, the world’s longest toboggan. Also to enjoy is cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, paintball, and airtrekking.

Armenia – Visit the Geghard Monastery

Located in Yerevan, several churches and chapels can be found within Geghard Monastery, with some of the chapels built right into the rock! The main church was constructed in the 13th century. There is a stream of spring water at one of the chapels that is said to be holy, and it is here where many locals come to splash the holy water onto themselves.

Austria – Take an Excursion to Hofburg Castle

The Hofburg Castle, with some sections dating back to the 13th century was the first residence of the famous Hapsburg family. Now it is home to the Spanish Riding School and the Lipizzaner stallions, and the Vienna Boys’ Choir. It also houses the Austrian president’s office, government workers, and museums. Take a tour of the Treasury, the Imperial Apartments and the museums in the New Palace.

Azerbaijan – Explore Gobusta

Visit Gobustan in Baku, a complex housing a large collection of rock paintings and 10,000 year old petroglyphs. With interactive displays, adults and children alike will enjoy this attraction.

Belarus – Try an Outing to Victory Square

A war memorial, the Minsk Victory Square is one of the most important places in Belarus. Note the beautiful example of the architecture of the 1950’s and the 40 metre obelisk. The main entrance to the famous Gorky Park is here in Victory Square.

Belgium – Have Fun at Mini-Europe Park

The Mini-Europe Park located in Brussels is just what the name says. Here you will find the landmarks of Europe, re-created as miniatures. Hear the chimes of Big Ben, see the gondolas at the Doge’s Palace, the Acropolis, the Eiffel Tower, all in all 300 models to see. An attraction for all ages.

Bosnia – Explore the Hadzibegova Kula Fortress

In the small village of Hutova, just a short drive from Neum, you will find the Hadzibegova Kula Fortress . The ancient stone ruins were once a fortress used to defend the Ottomans from the Venetians. An easy day trip from the Neum coastal resort area.

Bulgaria – Visit St. Sofia Church

In the capital city, lies one of the oldest churches in Sofia. St. Sofia Church was built in the 6th century, and during the 11th and 14th century, was a metropolitan church and so the city received its name. The temple was reconstructed into a mosque in the 16th century, and sadly most it was destroyed by earthquakes, and was renovated a number of times.

Croatia – Tour the Franciscan Monastery/Old Pharmacy

Visit the Franciscan Monastery and Old Pharmacy located in the Old Town section of Dubrovnik, to see one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. Locals rely on the pharmacy as it still runs as a working chemist pharmacy. The Old Pharmacy Museum is located inside the Franciscan Monastery, where you can view old implements and large grinders used in the making of medicine.

Cyprus – Have a Blast at Water World Park

In Ayia Napa, at the eastern end of the island of Cyprus sits one of the largest theme parks in Europe, Water World Park. The Greek-themed park has won 24 international awards, and will thrill you with its custom built rides like the Drop to Atlantis slide and Apollo’s Plunge.

Czech Republic – Stroll through Prague Castle

Prague Castle looms over the city perched on a hill and overlooking the Vltava River. The castle is the most popular sight to see in the city. Marvel at its Bohemian Baroque architecture, and stroll through three couryards and beautiful gardens. Inside you will find restaurants and shops. While here, don’t miss the Gothic landmark, St Vitus Cathedral, with its 21 chapels.

Denmark – Tour Rosenborg Castle

Take a trip to see the Renaissance architecture of the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, built in the early 1600’s. The Great Hall houses the coronation throne, guarded by three lions of silver, as well as the famous Rosenborg tapestries, hanging since 1693.

Estonia – Explore Toompea Castle

Built in the 13th to 14th century in Tallinn, Toompea Castle, home to Estonia’s Parliament, includes the Governor’s Garden and 46 metre tower. Situated on the coast, the castle is one of Estonia’s oldest, grandest architectural buildings.

Finland – Sightsee at Suomenlinna Fortress

While in Helsinki, a short boat ride from the mainland will take you to the Suomenlinna Fortress, situated on a group of islands, originally built as a maritime fortress and now one of Finland’s most popular attractions. The buildings are still used today as visitor facilities, working space, housing, and maintenance facilities.

France – Explore the Musée du Louvre

Right in the heart of Paris, the Musée du Louvre was at one time a fort and a palace, and now houses the world’s largest art museum, showcasing the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, along with approximately 35,000 pieces of art. The most important and most visited museum in the world!

Georgia – Take an Expedition to the Narikala Fortress

Located in Tbilisi, one of the oldest fortifications in the city, the Narikala Fortress was rebuilt in the 1990’s. Some of the fortress walls date back to the 4th century. From the top of the fortress, you can enjoy superb views of the city of Tbilisi.

Germany – Tour Charlottenburg Palace

Visit Charlottenburg Palace, the largest palace in Berlin, which houses a 48 metre tall cupola. Inside you will find the oak gallery with its oak paneling and walls lined with oil paintings. Don’t miss the porcelain gallery, decorated with mirrors with a display of Chinese porcelain.

Greece – Journey to the Palace of Knossos

The Palace of Knossos is the largest Minoan palatial centre, with an area of 20,000 square metres. The biggest tourist draw and most important monument in Crete, visitors enjoy the complex, with its ancient villas and mural paintings.

Hungary – Take a Journey to the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Budapest, also known as the Royal Castle, sits perched atop Buda Hill. At night, it looks magnificent as it lights up the city skyline. Even though it has been destroyed and reconstructed over time, it is still a worthwhile sight to see. Inside, visitors can tour the National Gallery, National Library and the History Museum.

Iceland – Take an Excursion to The Golden Circle

Drive through The Golden Circle in Reykjavik, a popular route that runs 190 miles by Thingvellir National Park. See the cascading waterfall, 105 feet high, at the Gullfoss (Golden Falls), and the geothermal Haukadalur Valley where you can view the Stokkur geyser spewing 60 to 100 feet of water into the air every five minutes.

Ireland – Visit Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle, the main centrepiece of Kilkenny for over 800 years, is situated strategically beside the Nore River. There are different architectural styles to the castle, since many alterations and additions have been made over its long existence.

Italy – Explore Baptistery of John the Baptist

Located in Piazza del Duomo, one of the most important monuments in Florence is the Baptistery of John the Baptist. It has been said that the building was built over the ruins of a Roman temple. The octagonal Baptistery is clad in green and white marble, and is adorned with three sets of bronze doors.

Kazakhstan – Climb the Baiterek Tower

The Baiterek Tower in Astana, monument and observation tower, stands 105 metres high. There is an observation deck at 97 metres, giving a bird’s eye view of the city. The tower houses an aquarium, art gallery and restaurant. The tower is a symbol of the underground, terrestrial and celestial worlds.

Latvia – Try an Outing to St. Peter’s Church

Located on the edge of the Town Hall Square in the Old City of Riga, St. Peter’s Church, with its most famous feature, the tiered spine, has been rebuilt many times. Enter through the Baroque doors, then tour the exhibition hall for its photo exhibits. A lift will take you to an observation deck at the top for some beautiful views.

Liechtenstein – Travel to the Museum of Fine Arts

A museum run by the state, the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts in Vaduz showcases contemporary and modern works of art. The museum houses collection from the 19th century to modern day, and includes objects, sculptures, and pieces from the collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein.

Lithuania – Tour the Presidential Palace

Dating back to the late 1300’s, the Presidential Palace in Vilnius, occupied by the President is home to government proceedings, and has been renovated many times. See the changing of the guard on Sundays and interior tours take place on Saturdays, where you can even see the office of the President.

Luxembourg – Explore Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle in Vianden, built between the 11th and 14th century, was home to the Counts of Vianden. In 1890, the castle became the property of the Grand Ducal family. In 1977, the state took over the castle and restored it to its present state. A guided tour is one of the top five things to do in Luxembourg.

Macedonia – Shop at the Old Skopje Bazaar

Visit the Old Bazaar in Skopje, located near the Vardar River, the largest bazaar in the Balkans, to experience cobblers, shoe makers, tailors, tinsmiths and quilt makers. A vivid atmosphere will delight the visitor, and you are sure to find clothing, shoes or jewellery to take home. When you fancy a rest stop, there are tea and coffee rooms here as well.

Malta – Explore the Grand Master’s Palace

The Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta, built around two courtyards, was the official residence of British governors. Today it is used for the Parliament House and Presidential Office. Make sure to see the Tapestries Room and the Throne Room.

Moldova – Shop at the Central Market

The Central Market in Chi?in?u, open since 1825, is a lively area to stop for fresh produce and other food items. A surprisingly large market for a small city. There are indoor and outdoor sections, and you will find a mix of people here including locals, foreigners, and gypsies.

Monaco – Take a Tour of The Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace in Monte Carlo, established in the 13th century, offers 15 rooms that are open to the public. Admire its Italian-style gallery, the Louis XVth Lounge, the Mazarin Room’s wood panelling, the Blue Room’s opulent blue and gold combination, the Throne Room with its Renaissance fireplace, the Palatine Chapel, the white-stoned St-Mary’s Tower, and the Main Courtyard’s marble staircase.

Montenegro – Journey to the Millenium Bridge

Elegant and modern, the Millenium Bridge in Podgorica, a 140 metre-long bridge, is a symbol and landmark of the new city. A great place for photos.

Netherlands – Take an Outing to the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, hid from the Nazis with her family and others at the rear of this building. The building in Amsterdam, saved from demolition, is now a museum, with visitors able to see Anne’s hiding place and view original objects and diary.

Norway – Relax at the Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park

The Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park in Oslo, a famous park filled with 212 bronze and granite sculptures, is also a perfect spot for a picnic. The park is used by locals and tourists, and is a must-see destination while on holiday in Oslo.

Poland – Journey to the Wieliczka Salt Mines

When in Poland, you must make the trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mines in Wieliczka, which date back to the 13th century. You will trek through underground corridors, terraces, and view sculptures and a chapel, all made out of salt.

Portugal – Sightsee at Belem Tower

A symbol of Portugal, Belem Tower in Lisbon, with its ornate watchtower, was built in the year 1515 as a fortress to guard the entrance of the harbor. Previously used as a political prison, lighthouse, and telegraph station, this monument, built in the Manueline style, now houses sculptures of historical figures.

Romania – Take a Tour of Bran Castle

Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, is situated not far from Brasov on a cliff in a spectacular setting. There is a dungeon with torture chamber, a secret passageway, and the views are spectacular from this vantage point.

Russia – Visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral, in St. Petersburg, was completed in 1858, with its massive single gold dome, marble floor, and columns of granite, lazurite, and malachite, it is the third largest domed cathedral in the world. If you dare, climb the 300 steps to the top for a brilliant view of the city.

San Marino – See the Rocca and Torre Cesta Towers

Tour the two defensive towers, the Rocca and the Torre Cesta while in San Marino, and climb to the top of the towers for beautiful views. The fortifications were restored in the 1940’s thanks to Twentieth Century Fox. It seems they used the area to film Prince of Foxes, with Tyrone Power.

Serbia – Take an Outing to Belgrade Fortress

Situated on a high ridge in Belgrade, the Belgrade Fortress complex consists of the fortress and Kalemegdan Park. Wonderful views of the Danube River and the Sava River. Locals and tourists alike take part in fun cultural, arts and sporting events.

Slovakia – Visit Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle located in Bratislava, parts of which date back to the 16th century, is a landmark visible throughout the city. Overlooking the historic section of the city, the castle has a long history and enjoyed its final reconstruction from 1953 to the late 1960’s.

Slovenia – Travel to Lake Bled

Travel across Lake Bled on a wooden boat to an island church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. Marvel at the beautiful gardens and walk up the 99 steps to the top of the church. Then explore the Bled Castle ruins, shops, and restaurants. An excellent spot to capture photos of The Alps.

Spain – Marvel at La Sagrada Familia

In Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, a Gothic style church was constructed by Antoni Guadi, and is still under construction after more than 100 years. Marvel at this monstrous basilica with its buttresses, carvings, columns and stained-glass windows. The most visited monument in Spain, the church attracts around 2.8 million visitors a year.

Sweden – Visit Djurgården

The Djurgården, situated on an island, is a cultural centre host to many events, with parks and tourist attractions. The island hosts more than 10 million visitors every year. The romantic Djurgården trams, built between 1920 and 1950, will take you to the island where you can take a walking tour of the area.

Switzerland – Stop at Bahnhofstrasse

When in Zurich, a holiday would not be complete without visiting the main street Bahnhofstrasse. On this street, you’ll find high-end shops like Tiffany & Co, Prada, and Cartier, as well as the Sprüngli chocolate shop and Gübelin AG jewelry and watch store.

Turkey – Take a Trip to the Grand Bazaar

The colourful Grand Bazaar in Istanbul , one of the biggest and oldest indoor shopping markets in the world, is alive with the sights and sounds of street vendors peddling their wares. Look for clothing, art, textiles, ceramics and jewellery. Don’t be afraid to haggle on the prices here. You’ll also find many restaurants and cafés to tempt your palate.

Ukraine – Take in a Show at the Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theater

The Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theater, built between 1884-1887, offers dance and performance for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy timeless entertainment in this renovated, ornately designed gem. Performances are mostly in the evening, but arriving in the daytime gives the visitor a chance to see the beautiful gardens.

United Kingdom – Take a Journey to Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, the London home of Queen Elizabeth II, allows tours of the state rooms from late July through September. See paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Poussin, and classic furniture from England and France. While here, a must see is the Changing of the Guard ceremony every morning at 11:30 am.

Vatican City – Marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica houses the best collection of art masterpieces, such as the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s Pieta. The grand St. Peter’s Square is the place where mass crowds receive a weekly blessing from the Pope.

A trip to Europe can provide experiences and memories to last a lifetime. There is such a wonderful variety of historical attractions, old architecture, varying climates, and brilliant landscapes. A timeless wonderland, Europe will provide the holiday traveller with enchanting scenery and cultural adventures. Why not make Europe your next holiday destination?

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