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Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail – Klamath National Forest

Location: Yreka, California
Length: 13.4 miles
Difficulty: difficult
Features: hiking, running, and backpacking, mountain biking

About the Bear Creek Trail

This well marked 13.4 mile trail begins near Belknap Campground. You’ll be welcomed by a slightly steep 15° incline. More than 2 miles from the headstart, you will pass through sequoia grove. At 3.5 miles, this trail intersects with the Summit Trail. It’s one of the two routes leading to Marble Mountain Wilderness.

Trails In The Klamath National Forest

Marble Mountain, Russian Wilderness Area, Trinity Alps, Red Buttes Wilderness Area and Siskiyou Wilderness Area are what makes up this national forest. In a nutshell, the forest has over 1,000 miles of trail. It includes 10 easy, 4 national recreation trails, 65 moderate to intermediate level, and 33 difficult trails. These NRT’s (national recreation trails) offer various outdoor activities. In the wilderness of Klamath National Forest, you can access the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT), Boundary NRT, Kelsey NRT, and the Clear Creek NRT.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Challenging bike paths 

The current bike paths have been built over old logging trails so the can be quite steep. Check your gears ahead of time

2) Enjoy the sights

The Klamath forest, where the Bear Creek trail goes through, has rich sights and sounds from the various species thriving there. Please respect the habitats you see along the way.

3) Go further

If you go further and discover the other wilderness in Klamath National Forest, you have lots of different trails to choose from, each with different characteristics. 

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