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Ball Mountain From Juanita Lake Trail

Ball Mountain From Juanita Lake Trail

Ball Mountain From Juanita Lake Trail – Klamath National Forest

Location: Macdoel, California
Length: 13.4 miles
Difficulty: moderate
Features: hiking, walking, running, nature trips, dogs on leash, forest, lake, view, wild flowers, wildlife, fishing, campground

About the Ball Mountain From Juanita Lake Trail

The Ball Mountain accessed from Juanita Lake Trail is 13.4 miles long out and back trail. It is near Macdoel, California and highlights the Juanita Lake with Ball Mountain as a backdrop. The lake proper is located 10.4 kilometers west of the Goosenest Ranger District. It’s a 55 acre wide lake that allows fishing but not motor boat riding. The best months to go hiking, walking, running, and nature tripping with family, friends, and pets on leash is from April until November. 

From the campground that’s adjacent to the boat ramp, take the south path parallel to the shore of the lake, going towards its south tip half kilometer from the campground. You will then be lead to a right turn, then a crossing towards the dam. You’ll find appropriate space for campground left of the trail in the surrounding woods. The peak of Ball Mountain reaches an altitude of 3,000 feet. From the west portion of the lake, the trail goes a kilometer further north and goes through a heavily covered forest that it obstructs sunlight. You will come across a diversion channel before reaching the dam. Trail goes across this structure and back to the trailhead.

Trails In The Klamath National Forest

Marble Mountain, Russian Wilderness Area, Trinity Alps, Red Buttes Wilderness Area and Siskiyou Wilderness Area are what makes up this national forest. In a nutshell, the forest has over 1,000 miles of trail. It includes 10 easy, 4 national recreation trails, 65 moderate to intermediate level, and 33 difficult trails. These NRT’s (national recreation trails) offer various outdoor activities. In the wilderness in Klamath National Forest, you can access the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT), Boundary NRT, Kelsey NRT, and the Clear Creek NRT.


Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring a map

To assure safety and to make the most out of your trip, be sure to bring update map and compass as some trails are not marked well. 

2) Fishing allowed

You can also take some time to enjoy Juanita Lake and go fishing. Fishing and canoeing are allowed in this area as well as the rest of Klamath National Forest

3)Hunting  also allowed

If you are up for both a hike and a hunt, be sure to follow rules on season, dates and have proper licenses. Check in with your local Forest Service ranger as not all areas near this trail and in the national forest allow for hunting

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