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10 Best Mountain Bike Trails In Bend Oregon

Mountain Biking Bend Oregon

10 Best Mountain Bike Trails In Bend Oregon

Bend is a city in and the county seat of Deschutes County, Oregon, United States. This city has over 480 kilometers of mountain biking trails and is definitely a shoo-in for go-to mountain biking cities. 


A haven for mountain bikers, Bend has trails ranging from mellow and easy double-track to heartstopping technical singletrack. Add to that the abundance of bike shops, availability of shuttle services, and awesome trails accessible from town and you’ve got yourself a veritable MTB rider’s paradise.


Awesome Mountain Biking Trails in Bend Oregon  

If you’d like to know where to ride your MTB in Bend, Oregon, then you’re in the right place. This article lists down our top picks for Bend’s best MTB trails as well as information on what you can expect once you get there. 


1. Sunriver Loop Path: The Easiest  

If you’re a beginner rider looking to enjoy the local sights and sounds of Bend, Oregon, then the Sunriver Loop Path is for you. This trail is 7.9 kilometers long and is rated easy. The trail itself is a mostly flat paved path with a max elevation of 1,269 m.


The Sunriver Loop Path takes you through a scenic tour of the Sunriver Resort. Feel free to watch the private planes take off and land at the community airport. This family-friendly trail is suitable for everyone, including your furry best friend, provided you keep them leashed. 


2. Tumalo Creek Trail: Easy Trail Along Beautiful Tumalo Creek 

For beginner riders looking to ride some real singletrack, you may want to check out Tumalo Creek Trail. This easy trail is completely flat despite having a max elevation of 1,172 m and a max gradient of 5%. This singletrack trail stretches just 4.1 kilometers. 


The Tumalo Creek Trail leads you through scenic Shevlin Park, skirting its way through picturesque Tumalo Creek drainage. Feel free to enjoy the calming aura of the creek with your family and pets. If you want to encounter fewer people, you simply have to ride farther away from the trailhead. 


3. Kent’s-Phil’s Loop: Awesome Test for Beginners 

If you’re a beginner rider looking for a more challenging ride, try the Kent’s-Phil’s Loop. This loop covers 9 kilometers in total and is rated easy-intermediate. The trail itself is mostly singletrack with a max elevation of 1,277 m, an average gradient of 2%, and a max gradient of 16%. 


This trail takes you from Kent’s trailhead to Phil’s. Kent’s trail is beautifully smooth with a gradual uphill and an even bigger hill after that. Expect to find some fun turns and flow along with some rocky sections courtesy of the overgrown road.


4. Deschutes River Trail: Scenic Rolling Trail Overlooking the Deschutes River 

Moving on to our first true intermediate trail, we picked the Deschutes River Trail. This out-and-back trail stretches 21.6 kilometers from end to end. The trail itself is 100% singletrack with a max elevation of 1,278 m, an average gradient of 1%, and a max gradient of 15%.


If you’re a fan of high-altitude picturesque views, then this trail is for you. There’s a fair bit of exposure as well as some technical sections. While it’s easy to lull yourself into a sense of security on this trail, do be careful not to fall off as you may end up crashing into the rocky, tree-laden river below.


5. Coyote Loop: Awesome Winter Loop 

If you’re visiting Bend, Oregon for some winter riding, try out the local favorite, Coyote Loop. This trail is located in Horse Butte and covers a total of 14.9 kilometers. The trail itself is 100% singletrack with a max elevation of 1,317 m, an average gradient of 2%, and a max gradient of 11%. 


Being on the east side of Bend, this trail gives you a great ride from fall, winter, and spring. The trail is mostly gentle with some technical sections created by rocks hidden in the knee-high grass. Enjoy your ride as well as the views of the Cascades.


6. Funner-Tiddlywinks: Challenging Intermediate Trail With All the Features 

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for a fun challenge, you should check out Funner-Tiddlywinks. This loop trail is 21.6 kilometers in total and is rated intermediate-advanced. The trail itself is 100% singletrack with a max elevation of 1,682 m, an average gradient of 3%, and a max gradient of 12%. 


This is a spectacular trail whichever direction you choose to ride it. Prepare for some steady climbs, fun downhills, gnarly rock sections, skinny logs, and some big drops. For a fun time after this fun trail, head to one of Bend’s breweries after your ride. 


7. Swampy to Mrazek: Awesome Downhill + Stunning Waterfalls 

Another intermediate-advanced level trail you may want to try is Swampy to Mrazek. This 42.3-kilometer trail is 100% singletrack with a max elevation of 1,908 m, an average gradient of 4%, and a max gradient of 18%. Note that you will need to get an NW Forest Pass at Tumalo Falls Trailhead before you can ride this tour.


You start with a gentle high-elevation warmup at the Swampy Lakes Trailhead before you get to the screamer descent down the South Fork trail. You then go up the challenging North Fork trail climb following Tumalo Creek. Keep your mind off the burn in your legs by enjoying the many waterfalls before you get to the final flowy descent of the Mrazek trail.


8. Paulina Peak to Horse Butte 

If you’re an advanced rider looking for a truly epic trail to ride then Paulina Peak to Horse Butte is the way to go. Prepare your lungs and legs for this epic 61.9-kilometer trail. The path consists of mostly singletrack with a max elevation of 2,424 m, an average gradient of 4%, and a max gradient of 22%.


This route links the Newberry Crater Rim Trail with the Swamp Wells. What this trail lacks in technical descents it makes up for in sheer length and varying terrain. Expect to find lava flows, sand flats, thickly wooded terrain, and spectacular views as you roll into the high desert.


9. Funner: Amazingly Fun Downhill 

Looking for a fun advanced-level downhill trail? Check this one out. There’s loads of fun to be had on Funner. It says so right there on the name. 


This 7.2-kilometer stretch of singletrack starts smooth and then turns into a neat little warmup descent with flowing, open, rhythmic, flats. It then leads you into rocky sections, winding downhill turns, a big rock drop, then an optional log ride. After that is a 90-foot log ride separating into a techy and switchback ride to the end (if you turn right) or berms and fast drops to the bottom of the trail (if you turn left).


10. Lower COD: One Bend’s Best Technical Trails 

If you’re an advanced rider looking to ride the best technical trails that Bend has to offer, then Lower COD is required riding. This 2.7-kilometer singletrack trail has a max elevation of 1,233 m, an average gradient of 2%, and a max gradient of 10%.


Every section on this trail usually requires a practice run or two before they can be ridden clean. Expect to encounter an all-rock path,  with one major steep switchback, flanked by soft sand and a big rock.


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