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10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Fruita Colorado

Man Mountain Biking in Fruita Colorado

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Fruita Colorado

The City of Fruita is a premier mountain biking area in the state of Colorado.


The area around the city offers a unique blend of terrain making for some great MTB riding no matter what your experience level.


With hundreds of miles of singletrack featuring steep climbs, exhilarating switchbacks, rapid downhills, and technical challenges, you’re pretty much spoiled for choice in Fruita, Colorado.


Spoil Yourself with Fruita Colorado’s MTB Trails


If you’re planning a mountain biking trip to Fruita, then this article is for you. In this list, we narrow down our top picks for the best MTB trails in the area. We also included trail information and what you can expect for each one.


1. Rustler’s Loop: All-around Great Beginner Trail


If you’re a beginner rider looking for a trail that offers a bit of everything, this is it. Rustler’s Loop is a 4.8-kilometer singletrack loop with an elevation of +452/465 ft. This easy trail is perfect for beginner riders looking to build confidence in their skills.


The trail consists of super flowy singletrack with enough rocks and ledges to keep things interesting. Rustler’s Loop also features picturesque scenery, which is always a welcome bonus. We recommend you start with the short steep climb then go counterclockwise if you want to experience all the fun this trail offers.


While this trail is rated green, it’s still plenty of fun even for more experienced riders, especially those using it to warm up for more trails down the line.


2. PBR and 18 Road Loop: Fast, Fun, and Flowy


Bridging the gap between beginner and intermediate rider levels is the PBR and 18 Road Loop. This super fun beginner-friendly intermediate trail is 6.7 kilometers long with an elevation of +1,718/169 ft. Just one look at this trail and you’ll understand why most people riding it just grin from start to finish.


The trail consists of fast and flowy singletrack that lets you practice speed and rhythm. It also has enough whoops, jumps, rollers, and berms to give more experienced riders a fun time.


3. Prime Cut: Great Gradual Climb


If you’re looking for a fun warm-up before riding the other trails on this list, you should give Prime Cut a try. This 4.8-kilometer intermediate singletrack trail has an elevation of +305/301 ft. While it can be ridden as an out-and-back trail, you can also link it to other trails in Fruita like Kessel Run, Joe’s Ridge, or Chutes and Ladders.


The trail itself offers several fun features like a sweet gradual climb, narrow flowy singletrack, rocky steps, boulder crossings, and a lot more. Prime Cut is right beside the road so you can bail out any time.


4. Steve’s Loop: Awesome and Scenic


If you’re an intermediate rider looking for a trail with some spectacular views then Steve’s Loop is for you. This trail is an 8-kilometer lariat of singletrack with an elevation of +65/102 ft. You can ride this loop by itself or link it to other trails like Horse thief or Mary’s.


The first thing you’ll notice as you approach the trailhead is the incredible panoramic view. The trail itself combines some decent singletrack with even better views of the river. We’ll understand if you want to stop to take some photos.


5. Kessel Run: Fast and Awesome


Trail features are great but if you’re looking for some pure fun on smooth dirt then the Kessel Run trail is for you. This quick intermediate trail is 3.2 kilometers long with an elevation of +366/372 ft.


Despite being named after the fictional Han Solo’s infamous smuggling route through a space maelstrom, this trail features smooth slalom-like riding with the occasional twist and dip. You can ride this quick and fun trail ride several times or link it to other trails in the area.


6. Chutes and Ladders: Steep Climbs, Terrific Downhills

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for a ride that makes you focus more on the trail rather than the scenery then you should try this trail. Chutes and Ladders is an 11.3-kilometer long singletrack loop with an elevation of +454/459 ft. To start this trail, you first need to ride the smooth but steep singletrack up to the Book Cliffs.


Once on the cliff, you’ll understand where this trail got its name. This trail’s drops, switchbacks, jumps, and twists are sure to make you work for your fun before crescendoing to a fast descent back to the parking lot.


7. Joe’s Ridge: Gorgeous Views, Thrilling Ride


If you’re an intermediate rider looking to challenge yourself then this trail is a great choice. Joe’s Ridge is a challenging intermediate-level singletrack trail network. It stretches just 4.8 kilometers long with an elevation of +189/183 ft.


The trailhead starts you off on top of a ridge which you then have to skirt your way down. Feel free to take in the awe-inspiring views before beginning your thrilling descent. This is a great experience if you’ve never tried ridgeline riding before, although there will be a couple of challenging sections if you’re afraid of heights.


8. 18 Road Trail: Spoiled for Choice


The 18 Road Trails is a singletrack trail network. It covers over 64 kilometers of singletrack with an elevation of +3,706/3 ft. Most trails in this system are intermediate-level, although some are easy enough to be beginner-friendly.


While the 18 Road Trail System isn’t technically a single trail (as it contains some of the other entries on this list), we feel that it deserves a special mention, especially since it offers other noteworthy trails not included on this list.


9. Frontside: Challengingly Fun Connector


If you’re an advanced-level rider looking for a fun route that takes you to the ultimate trail on this list, then Frontside is definitely worth your time. This trail is usually treated as a connector to other trails in the area but can also be ridden as a single trail on its own.


As an out-and-back trail, Frontside is 35.4 kilometers of advanced-level singletrack. This trail features a lot of ups and downs including some steep switchbacks as it leads you through the drainages at the bottom.


10. Zippity Do Da: Scenic and Technical


There are many great trails in the Book Cliffs area. If you can pick just one, then this trail is it.


Zippity Do Da is an advanced-level singletrack loop trail. It’s 14.5-kilometers long with an elevation of +386/389 ft. This trail has got to be one of the best advanced trails in Fruita, Colorado. It combines fun technical – sometimes scary – sections with its breathtaking views.


This trail is definitely not for beginners and anyone afraid of heights. Prepare for lots of flow and speed as you zip (pun unintended) along several climbs and gnarly downhill sections.

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