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Bishop Peak

Bishop Peak

Location: Bishop Peak Natural Reserve, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Miles: 4.4 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Duration: 2 hours
Users: Hikers and dogs permitted. No horses or mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.


Source: Panoramio

The Hike:

Bishop’s Peak is one of the most popular summits in San Luis Obispo. It is the tallest peak of the volcanic Morros known as the Nine Sisters. This iconic mountain offers a rocky crown shape that provides wonderful panoramic views of the nearby peaks and of the city. The trail that leads to the 1,559 feet high summit is quite demanding but greatly rewarding.

The beginning of the trail starts on the left side of the Highland Drive cul-de-sac. The wide trail passes through an area of shady oaks and that leads to a cattle pond.

When you get to the junction you will turn left to follow the wide dirt road up a grassy slope. You will pass through a cattle gate after a little while and you will turn left heading towards Bishop Peak. You will return to an area of trees where you should enjoy the momentary shade.

You will pass through a gate marking the peak and from here you will start to tackle the sunny, rocky mountainside. The single track will climb the slope of the peak until you reach the summit.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Take a good photo

Bring a camera because the views are definitely postcard-worthy!

2) Bring some snacks

If you get to choose a spot where you can appreciate the views, you can munch on some snacks while at it. Don’t forget to pack enough water to keep you hydrated.

3) Watch out for rocks

Be sure to wear proper shoes when you take this trail because there are a lot of rocks everywhere.

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