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Leffingwell Landing and Moonstone Beach

Leffingwell Landing and Moonstone Beach

Location: Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Miles: 4 miles
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Duration: 2 hours
Users: Hikers and dogs permitted. No horses or mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.


Source: Rusty Lopez

The Area:

Leffingwell Landing offers a great place to simply sit and enjoy the great scenery. At the park, you will find short hiking trails, barbecue pits, a glorious lookout, and access to the rocky shore that has several great tide pools. If you visit at certain times of the year, you may even be lucky enough to see a whale or two.

During the late part of the winter, you may stumble upon some elephant seals and sea otters. During the early part of the spring, you may even see some of the newborn pups.


There are several great features of Leffingwell Landing and Moonstone Beach. The area is dog friendly and there are plenty of free things to do. You will find some scenic hiking trails that you can explore on your own or you may want to participate in one of the guided tours that are offered.

There are several boardwalks in the area as well. This area is very kid friendly and you will find many fun outdoor activities in the area as well as several state parks to explore with the family.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Pack a picnic basket

Use convenient food storage that’s very easy to clean when you pack for the beach. You could also bring marinated barbeque for the barbeque pits!

2) Be friendly to sea creatures

If you get lucky, you might come across sea otters and elephant seals. Respect their space or be nice if they get friendly to you.

3) Clean as you go

Never ever leave trash lying around when you’re at the beach.

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