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Boulder Spring Trail (Wizard) – Marin County

Boulder Spring Trail (Wizard) – Marin County

Boulder Spring Trail (Wizard)

Location: San Geronimo Ridge Rd, Forest Knolls, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bike friendly, bird watching, no dogs, wildlife observation

Located in Marin County at the Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve, the Boulder Spring Trail is a steep and downhill singletrack, a fast-paced trail intended for people who enjoy steep routes.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Appreciate the history of the area.

Trails may either be constructed for hiking purposes or may have a story behind it that is worth knowing about. Visit the locality’s website or information center on site to learn about the area.

2) Everything is worth a shot.

Bring a camera.

3) Keep gear organized

Often enough, it is hard getting everything inside your backpack. Organize your gear with a dry sack.

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