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Manzanita Fire Road Hike

Manzanita Fire Road Hike

Manzanita Fire Road

Location: San Geronimo Ridge Rd, Forest Knolls, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, dogs allowed, wildlife observation

Considered as the shortest, most direct access to the San Geronimo Ridge Road, the Manzanita Fire Road combines with the Cortez Trail to reach the said road. It is a short route that features short, steep water bars. It is an exhausting route, but provides a quick access to the ridge.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) It pays to be prepared.

At times, trails may intersect and it is often hard to know if you are still on the right track. It is best to do some research about the area. A state park can have as much as 60 miles of trails. Visit the locality’s website or information center for a detailed trail map.

2) Bring extra clothing.

You might come across streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and it pays to bring extra clothing. A handy dry sack can keep your stuff organized inside your bag.

3) Stay warm.

Did you know that consuming too little water can aggravate hypothermia? Stay hydrated, dress in layers, carry a hate, and bring rain gear for long treks. Avoid cotton as it can absorb water and keep you cold.

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