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Boyd Memorial Park Trail – Marin County

Boyd Memorial Park Trail – Marin County

Boyd Memorial Park Trail – Marin County

Location: San Rafael, CA
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking trails,bird watching, no dogs, wildlife observation

A 4.2 acre green space in San Rafael, Boyd Memorial Park features a creek as well as picnic tables, a redwood forest, and playground. The park is nestled right beside the History Museum and serves as a pleasant picnic ground. The park also features the Boyd Memorial Park Trail which takes hikers through the park.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring lots of water.

Trails without much shade can cause dehydration as the heat may cause you to lose more water through sweat. Bring an extra bottle or bottles. Use a carabiner when there is no space left inside your bag.

2) Always bring some snack with you.

Bring some handy, high energy snacks with you. Make sure that it is high protein, high sugar to give you the extra boost on exhausting hikes.

3) Cook quality meals with a handy cooking device.

If you have to go through miles and miles of hiking, you would definitely go hungry mid route. When energy bars can’t provide you the ultimate fix, you can opt to make full meals with a handy cooking device.

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